Your Garage can be Cool

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Do you need a garage band to make your garage feel cool? Maybe the instruments and performers will distract people from the mess behind them.

There’s an easier and quieter way to create a cool garage. Let’s take a look at some steps you can take to turn this space into something to be proud of.

If you do nothing else, patrol your garage for any hazardous waste. Old paint, solvents, oil and gas, whether contained or soaked into old rags, represent an accident waiting to happen. You risk inhaling the fumes and possibly even a fire if any corner of yourgarage looks like this. Contact your local waste disposal organization to find out where to bring hazardous waste and get these things out of your home.

Next, clear through any clutter and give away or toss anything you will not use again. To make this process easier, work on one wall at a time.

Once you’re finished, work to figure out what you can hang on the wall or organize to keep the garage under control. For example, this photo shows how tools can be managed with a small investment in pegboard and hooks.

If you have a new garage, or once you empty your old one, do something to your bare concrete floor before refilling it. Concrete paint is the least expensive option, but there are a number of companies that can provide an attractive resin floor for your garage. Taking on either of these options will reduce the dust on your home’s floors and make your garage easier to clean in the future.

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