Design is in the Details

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The difference between okay design and amazing design is in the details. This adage is true whether your decorating style is traditional or contemporary. The little details and finishing touches are what make the designs more than just furniture, paint and flooring in a room. Design details are the ways we can personalize our decorating and make the house feel like our home.

Decorative trim on upholstery, curtains and pillows is an easy way to add pretty details to your décor. Tassels, ribbon, fringe, and pompons are all traditional trim elements that can be interpreted to work with most decorating styles. A ready-made pillow or curtain can become a custom curtain with a bit of trim or ribbon to the edge.

Nailhead trim is another traditional design element that can work with other styles. Nailhead trim can be found on sofas, chairs and headboards as well as ottomans and other seating. Nailhead trim can be added to an existing piece of furniture as an easy DIY project.

Adding a ribbon trim or textile paint can customize a plain area rug. Cotton or wool rugs can be stenciled and painted with fabric paint. Even sisal and jute can be painted. Adding a colorful decorative edging to an area rug is another way to personalize.

Other ways to personalize your décor with details include decorating readymade lamp shades. The same trim that is used for textiles can be used on lampshades.

These little details will add interest and make the room reflect your own personal style and taste.

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