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Since you are reading this blog, you already know there are great resources for design and flooring information online. Finding information on the latest trends and products for the home can easily be done on your lap top, in the comfort of your own home. Besides online magazines, blogs are a great resources for inspiration to get you started on your next decorating project. And it seems like every home owner has a “next” on the decorating to-do list.

Blogs can be great resources for new DIY projects that can save you money while being big on creativity. Bloggers who are also homeowners are wonderful sources of before and after shots as well as the in-between photos that show what it really takes to finish the project. Magazines are a great inspiration but they rarely show the individual steps of a decorating project or discuss project time or costs. Bloggers who are willing to share the nitty-gritty of a decorating project are a huge resource for homeowners contemplating the start of a similar project.

If you see a product you love in a magazine you are lucky if the editor lists the products and resources. It is much better finding something you love on a blog, contacting the blogger and finding not only the product and resource but great tips as well.

From picking a tile floor to making a Roman shade or even stenciling your own wallpaper, bloggers are a wonderful resource.

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