Keeping Things Clean Around the House

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For the majority of us, cleaning is not on the top of our lists on things we like to do around the house. Yes, there are those amongst us who really love to clean, but for most of us it is called a chore for a reason. After doing our own non-scientific research we’ve come to the conclusion that doing a little bit of cleaning every day is the best way to stay on top of things around the house.

Now there is a difference between cleaning and de-cluttering. You can have a clutter-free home that is still dirty and vice-versa. Even if you aren’t the neatest person, you can still have clean floors and dust free tables with a little bit of daily time and effort. Keeping ahead of things is the best offense when it comes to cleaning and clutter.

Other options for cleaning products include organics and homemade cleaning products. As with traditional cleaning products, you’ll want to use the right product for the right job. Make sure you aren’t using something too abrasive on surfaces that can easily scratch like stainless steel sinks or ranges. Blogs are a great place to find recipes for homemade cleaning products that use simple food safe ingredients like vinegar and baking soda. Even homemade products can be too harsh for delicate jobs so do your research. Make sure you have the right cleaner for the job. Tile and linoleum floors require different cleaners than wood or cork floors. Carpeted floors should be spot treated to avoid stains.

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