Pastels for the Living Room

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Think pink is just for little girls’ rooms? Think again. Soft pink and other pastels can feel sophisticated and chic for living rooms and other grown up rooms. Delicate pinks with lots of soft grey undertones feel feminine without feeling girly, like in this living room.

Pale pastels, including pinks, are soothing shades that can calm the spirit. Sherbet colors can work as wall colors for rooms designed for adults. Their flattering hues can be paired with white and grays along with other similar hues in complementary colors.

Soft pastels paired with white create a fresh look for a living room or bedroom. White molding and woodwork add bright accents along with white slip covered furniture. Carrying the wall color onto accents like pillows and decorative boxes pulls the room together. Pastels could be carried onto accessories and lighting. A collection of pink glass or ceramics would be lovely in this living room. Adding a soft pink or other pastel to a lampshade would be a nice way to introduce more color. While white drapes are crisp, a patterned curtain in pink and white could also work in this space.

When choosing flooring colors to work with pastel walls in a living room or dining room there are a couple of options. You could go with a carpet color in a similar shade for a monochrome look. Dark wood floors would really stand out while white painted or light wood floors would blend with the pastels on the wall.

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