Sectional Sofas for Small Spaces

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Sectionals continue to be one of the most popular styles of sofas on the market. With either a chaise section or an L-shaped sofa, sectionals provide a lot of seating and space for lounging. The sectional’s versatility is what makes it such a popular choice for living rooms, family rooms and home theaters.

Sectional sofas do demand a large footprint in a room. Of course, like any sofa, sectional sofas can be found in a number of lengths and depths as well as seating configurations. It is for this reason that these sofas are great in small rooms.

If space is limited and you want to maximize your seating, consider a sectional sofa with a chaise. Buy a matching ottoman that can be used for a coffee table or additional seating and you’ve got enough room for a party.

Some tips when buying a sectional sofa for a small space. Keep the upholstery simple. Keep the back low and the lines clean to make the sofa feel less bulky in the space. Add color with colorful accent pillows. Balance the large size of the sofa with art on the wall above it; go for bigger pieces or a gallery wall.

In this room the wood floor is kept bare, but adding an area rug would help center the seating area. A rectangular rug placed in the L formed by the sofa would be a good fit.

As with any furniture purchase, make sure to measure your space beforehand to make sure the sectional will fit.

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