Working with an Open Concept Living Space

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Many people have open concept living spaces that flow into one another, like this kitchen and dining room. Working with an open kitchen and dining area to create a design that highlights both the kitchen and the dining areas can be a little tricky. Successfully decorating these areas will leave you with spaces that flow together yet maintain their own identities.

Making a dining room that is open to the kitchen feel like its own room means highlighting the dining space to make it feel special. Here that is done by a gorgeous inlay in the floor that has bands of darker wood outlining the dining area. The space is further anchored by an area rug under the table. If you do not want to go through the expense of having a stained border added to your wood floors, simply adding an area rug or room size rug in the dining area can help the space feel separate.

A pretty chandelier above the table is a lovely way to make the dining area feel more formal. A similar chandelier or pendant in the kitchen, above the sink or island, would tie the spaces together.

Working in the same color palette for both rooms, playing off the cabinet color with a similar toned wood dining table and chairs also unifies the design of the two joined spaces.

Open kitchens allow the chef to interact with family and guests. Use design to celebrate this great feature of open entertaining.

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