Improvising with Design

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A cardboard dressing table is probably not something most of us have in our homes. This picture illustrates what many of us do when we don’t have just the right piece of furniture or lighting for the space: we improvise. Now, we’re not saying go out to the garage and gather the cardboard boxes to make a table. Instead, think outside the box to come up with solutions for your decorating dilemmas.

Reinventing and renovating what we already have can save the piggy bank. Paint can perform miracles on not only furniture but fabric and even area rugs. Solid colored area rugs can be painted with textile paint with the hottest patterns and designs. Plain curtains can be transformed into the latest style with a little creativity and inexpensive trim. Nicked and scratched furniture can be given another life with a few coats of paint or stain.

If you do have to use a cardboard box as a table base as you save up for a real table, be creative. Cover it with a few yards of pretty fabric, a table cloth or even a sheet. Add trim and an inexpensive wood top to make it look like stylish. This can be done with an old door and a sawhorse—voila! A new table.

Shop your own house for pieces that might work to solve your design problem before you hit the stores. With a little creativity you might be surprised at what you can find and create within your own home.

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