Tile Floors for Indoor/Outdoor Spaces

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More and more homes today have outdoor living space and indoor living space with the lines blurred between the two. Older homes may have a sunroom, screened porch or lanai. Newer homes have decks and patios with large glass doors dividing the outdoor space from the home’s interior. This blurring of lines between indoor and outdoor has given rise to a new generation of products for outdoor living. Included in these new indoor/outdoor products are weather resistant materials, carpets and furniture that can work both inside and outside the home. Among these new products are time tested and traditional materials like teak wood, wicker and tile that are home both indoors and out.

Tile is a wonderful material for a room that is more outdoors than indoors, like the sunroom in this picture. Stone or ceramic tiles are great for rooms that get a lot of traffic. Tile is durable, doesn’t fade in the sun like wood or laminate floors and comes in an almost infinite array of colors, patterns and sizes. This sunroom features marble tiles done in a traditional pattern inspired by the Mediterranean. Extending the same type of flooring from a porch or sunroom out onto the patio can make the two spaces feel like one.

As with flooring, rooms that blur the lines between indoor and outdoor can have the best of both worlds when it comes to furniture. If the space is protected from the elements, indoor furniture as well as outdoor furniture can be used to decorate.

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