Don’t Panic Over Spills

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Red wine spilled during a party. Ketchup dropped on the rug during dinner. These incidents can make our hearts stop when they happen. Leaping up to try to catch the glass before it gets knocked over or preventing the ketchup from reaching the carpet are the moves of super heros. In everyday life these spills happen in the blink of an eye, much too fast for us to stop.

Rather than panic, have a plan of action before the spills happen. Knowing what to do and where you keep the spot removing kit can save you from that heart stopping panic over wine on the white rug or ketchup on the dining room carpet.

For any stain the first plan of action should be blotting up as much of the liquid as possible. Blotting does not mean furiously rubbing on the stain. A clean white cloth can be gently patted on the stain to absorb as much as possible without forcing the liquid further into the carpet fibers.

Some upholstered furniture and carpets come with stain warranties. If you have one of these, consult the pamphlet before attempting to treat the stain yourself. Otherwise you’ll want to know what works best ahead of time. Always start with the simplest products before moving on to carpet cleaners and stain sprays. If you are unsure about what products to use, consult your flooring professional for tips. Keep a list of stain solutions as well as the products you’ll need in the same place.

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