Kitchen Multi-Tasker: The Island

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How did we ever live without kitchen islands? They help create the perfect triangular work pattern in a kitchen which cuts down on steps and can speed up the cooking process. Extra counter space and storage are both winners in making any kitchen more functional. Kitchen islands can be built in or moveable; both work to increase the functionality of any kitchen.

Larger kitchens may have islands that accommodate ranges and even sinks in addition to prep space and storage below. These large islands can also provide seating in the kitchen for casual meals and keeping the chef company.

Smaller kitchens like the one pictured here do not have the floor space for a grand island. Older kitchens may not have built in islands. To address this lack, a moveable or non-permanent island can be purchased from a home store and placed in the center of the room. These islands can sometimes feel more like furniture than cabinetry. Some islands are open on the bottom with a shelf below the work surface. Others, like this one, may have both closed and open storage. Choosing or painting an island the same color as the cabinets and using the same material for the work surface as the counters can make the island look like it belongs.

Very small kitchens with virtually no footprint are best served by an island on wheels that can be pushed aside when not in use. This will free up the floor space for better traffic flow and make the room appear larger.

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