Where to Find Design Inspiration

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We are so lucky to live in an age where great information is available in so many outlets. Today’s world of design is no longer the hidden secrets of design professionals. Tips, tricks and secrets of the trade can be found online on blogs and online magazines. This open transparency about the design business is a wealth of knowledge that wasn’t available ten years ago.

Design inspiration and information can be found through great blogs done by design professionals and amateur design lovers alike. You can find blogs on specific topics, like flooring or paint or furniture, or general information on projects all over the internet. There is so much information that the difficulty isn’t it, it is sorting through the bad to get to the good information.

If you are looking for design inspiration online, start with sources you already know. A valued retailer, beloved magazine and noted designer are all good places to start. Each of these blogs will probably have links to other resources or a blog roll of their favorite blogs and resources. Researching online can be a little bit like going down the rabbit hole—you don’t know where you’ll find yourself when you stop.

Out in the real world, design inspiration is all around us. You can find inspiration at a local hotel, restaurant or boutique. Don’t be afraid to ask for paint colors or snap pics of a piece of furniture or wallpaper you see when you are out and about. You never know where you’ll find inspiration for your next project.

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