White Carpet and Furniture with Kids and Pets?

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Does the idea of white shag carpet in a house with kids or pets make you shudder? Many people avoid white carpets and white furniture when they have kids and pets. If you have the perfect children and the perfect pets who never spill or track in dirt, you might be fine with all white carpet or furniture. Is white really off limits for the rest of us? With today’s high tech fabrics and stain protectors, white can once again be a choice for furniture and flooring, even with those messy pets and kids.

Taking off shoes and avoiding tracking in dirt and water from outside is a good habit to get into for any flooring. Preventing the dirt from being brought into the home will put you ahead of the game when it comes to battling dirt. Blotting and treating spills and stains as they happen is also a good habit to get into whatever your carpet or flooring. Home steamers and steam cleaners are more readily available and more effective.

If you love the look of white furniture, consider slipcovers. White cotton slipcovers can be custom made or bought premade in a variety of sizes and styles. If you make a custom slipcover yourself or have it made by an upholsterer, you will get the best fit for your sofa or chair. You can choose a slipcover with a skirt that is box pleated, ruffled or straight; or one that does not have a skirt and exposes the legs.

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