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Spring Has Sprung!

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Spring Has Sprung

It is officially spring! It’s time to put away your winter accessories and bring out bright and cheery accents to celebrate the changing of the season. While many of us will decorate with pastel tones for a traditional Easter theme, there are many other options for you to think about after Easter!

Use yellow and orange. If your furnishings are neutral you can easily switch throw rugs, decorative pillows and draperies for a springy pop of color.

Layer your area rugs. Use a neutral on the bottom and then add a bright green smaller rug on top. See how they used flowers, apples and plants to carry the green theme throughout the room.

Use natural elements such as adding a fresh touch with a display of fresh fruit or vegetables. Infuse more color by mixing in floral-printed towels and striped green window treatments.

Get cozy with tons of pillows. Choose subdued shades of your favorite colors and lots of white to keep the look light and airy. Put down braided rugs.

These simple tips will make changing out your winter look a piece of cake. Goodbye winter!

Updating Your Home’s Interior Architecture

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Older homes often have quirks and character. Sometimes the quirks can character can be blessings, and sometimes they just make the home feel outdated. High ceilings and wood floors are typical in older homes and valued in new home construction and remodeling. Oddly shaped rooms or atypical architectural features can make designing and decorating a home more difficult.

There architectural details in this living room include both classic elements and some that could use updating. The beamed coffered ceiling makes a dramatic design statement in the room. It draws the eye up while at the same time grounding the space. The strong perpendicular lines of the ceiling set the tone for the rest of the room’s architecture.

The arched nooks flanking the fireplace feel a little off in this space. The small objects in the nooks do not fill them so they feel empty. To bring these nooks up to date the interiors could be painted or wallpapered. Color and pattern for the interior of the nooks can be picked up from the carpet, furniture or curtains. Shelves could be added and the nooks could be turned into bookcases to display books, art and objects. Transforming these nooks into bookcases would better utilize the space than a single surface of the nook does to display one object.

The arched mantel on the fireplace relates to the arched nooks flanking it. Straight lines are more popular for fireplace mantels today. The arch could be easily removed to leave a crisp silhouette in keeping with the coffered ceiling.

Spring Cleaning!

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It’s that time again – yep, time for Spring-cleaning. Wash away the winter doldrums and brighten up your house in celebration of the new season. While you may not enjoy Spring-cleaning, there are ways to make it easier and more efficient.

Cleaning goes more smoothly if you have everything you need at your fingertips. The following tips will help ensure that your cleaning efforts go as quickly and easily as possible.

Start off by purchasing a bucket. Look for a stainless steel bucket big enough to hold your cleaning kit. Another bonus – it won’t rust!

Add a multi-purpose cleaner. If you use a concentrate get a great spray bottle that can be refilled many times. You will also need a multi-purpose powder. Mildly abrasive powder works well on ceramic, stainless steel, and porcelain.

Break your paper-towel habit with reusable cloths. Pick some sturdy enough to hold up well in the wash.

You will also need sponges. Try using natural cellulose sponges, as they are soft, pliable and a bargain!

Do you know about the super secret ingredients – vinegar and dishwashing liquid? A good dishwashing liquid mixed with water can clean almost anything, including countertops and painted wood. Diluted with water, vinegar is a household M.V.P. It works!

Protect your hands by using latex gloves. There are some now that have a soft cotton lining.

Don’t forget glass cleaner. Glass cleaner is not just for mirrors and windows it’s also wonderful for polishing fixtures.

By having these tools at your fingertips it will be a breeze to get through your Spring-cleaning checklist!

Guest Room Essentials

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A guest room can be its own space but sometimes it is also shared a title with a home office or den. Even if the guest room isn’t a spare bedroom it can make guests feel right at home with a few essential design choices and essentials. Creating a cozy and comfortable room for guests is the sign of a good host.

Having a spare bedroom just for guests is a luxury many homes don’t have. The spare bedroom may have been converted to a home office, crafting space, or kids’ playroom. Transforming the space from its everyday function into a guest room can be easy if you have the right essentials.

If the room is primarily used for other purposes, a traditional bed might not be the best use of space. There are a few options. A Murphy bed could be used. When it is not folded down, it will look like another piece of furniture. Another classic option is the sofa bed. Older model sofa beds were notoriously uncomfortable with a support bar running horizontal under the mattress. Ouch! Today’s sofa beds are much more comforting both for sitting and sleeping.

A light for reading next to the bed, an alarm clock and a pitcher of water with a glass are other guest room essentials. Hanging a mirror in the room will allow your guests to get ready. Extra pillows and blankets are essential to your guests’ comfort. Additional things like soft area rugs for morning feet are a nice touch as well.

Now your company ready!

Dealing with Spring Allergens

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Spring makes us want to fling open all the windows and air out the house after a long winter. Fresh warm Spring air smells of blooming flowers and freshly mown grass. If you have Springtime allergies, this means that the air is full of pollen and other Spring allergens. Dealing with Spring allergens inside the home will help you cope with the season’s runny nose and itchy eyes. Keeping pollen out of the home can help manage seasonal Springtime allergies.

If you have seasonal allergies, check pollen counts in your area on a daily basis. Knowing which allergens trigger allergies is the first step in dealing with them inside your home. Tree pollen, grass and other Spring allergens can enter the home through open windows and settle on window sills, floors and furniture.

One of the advantages of Spring cleaning is to keep up with allergens as they enter the home. Regular dusting and vacuuming will help remove the dust and pollen from outside. A HEPA filter on the vacuum will capture allergens from pollen, dust and pet hair, keeping your carpets and rugs from becoming filled with allergy triggers.

As tough as it may be, keeping windows closed on high pollen count days can help prevent allergens and pollen from entering the home. Removing shoes and leaving them by the back door will also keep pollen from being tracked through the home. After pollen season has passed, clean your window screens and window sills to remove any pollen that may have settled there.