Getting Mustard Out of Carpet

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One of the hazards of having a BBQ and carting food items and dirty plates back into the house after dinner is the inevitable chance of a spill. One of the hardest stains to get out is mustard. Since mustard contains tumeric, which is a bright yellow color, it can be a real hassle to get out of carpet, especially white carpet. But don’t give up hope, we can help.

Act quickly – if you see the spill happen, work on it immediately.

Fold a paper towel into a 4-inch square and use it to dab at the area of the mustard spill. Remove as much of the spot as you can in this manner. Always do this before the stain has a chance to dry. If it’s too late, try to scrape as much of it off the carpet’s surface as you can with a dull knife.

Mix together your cleaning solution.  Add one cup of white vinegar per two cups of water to your bowl. Stir with the mixing spoon. Then carefully pour the mixture into the spray bottle.

Before you apply any cleaner, including the one in these directions, to your carpet, test the cleaner in a small patch where no one will see it. Wait a few minutes. If the cleaner discolors or otherwise adversely affects the carpet, remove it immediately with cold water and a sponge. If it ends up causing permanent damage, at least it won’t be right in the middle of the room.

Hold the spray bottle 6 inches above the stain and spray until about a half inch of foam is sitting on the carpet where the stain is present. Blot the stain with a clean white cloth. Continue to blot until you cannot see any more mustard. Spray solution as needed.

Blot the spot with a new, clean cloth to remove any excess cleaning solution. Then rinse the cloth in lukewarm tap water and scrub out any remaining solution.

If you cannot remove the stain, call a reputable carpet cleaner as soon as possible.

Again, act as quickly as possible. And please don’t let the fear of a spill stop you from entertaining.

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