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Q. I collect dishes. Is there a unique way to display my collection? I don’t want to just stick them in the china cabinet.

A. Yes! Display the pieces on shelves in the kitchen. If your dishes are colorful paint the walls white so that the colors of the dishes pop. It’s ok to decorate a room around your collection.

This question got us thinking that many of you probably have collections you want to display. No matter your passion (tiny treasures, oversize artifacts), here are ideas for displaying, organizing, and storing your favorite collections so they gather compliments—not dust.

Put small items like dice, match boxes or thimbles in a divided case. Colorful, varied collections look pulled-together but still playful in a weathered grid. Let randomness and imperfection be your guides: Split up pairs, mix sizes, place pieces at different angles, and leave some spots blank. Mount the box on the wall at eye level—before you load it up, of course—or set it on a mantel for maximum delight.

Use a sunny window to display bottles, glass or crystal animals. The sunshine will make your collection sparkle. Scattered groupings of two or three items outside the cases keep the composition from being precious. Don’t feel obligated to use every piece you have. Keep spares safe in a quilted box made for china teacups.

Play up natural collections like stones and seashells by showing them off in a fish bowl. Fill the vessel less than halfway (much of the beauty is in the negative space), and arrange the biggest pieces on top.

Cluster bulky play things like globes or vintage toys on a low wide shelf. When you have objects that are fun to interact with, you want to keep them within easy reach. To create a sense of happy abundance, pack in as many as you can.

And here’s the best tip of all – for dusting the many pieces in your collection, use a dry microfiber cloth.

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