While Your Away – Summer Vacation Tips

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It’s summer time and that means that many of our clients will be leaving their homes and traveling to relaxing destinations for a summer vacation. Before you leave here is a list of “to dos” to keep your home safe while you are gone and to give you piece of mind.

Make a list. Keep priorities in sight when planning your next trip by tying a to-do list onto your luggage.

If you are leaving the country notify your credit card companies and your bank of your destination. They will be less likely to deny charges if they know where you are.

Visit the currency exchange. It’s helpful to have some cash on hand to pay for taxis and tips when you first arrive. It’s also likely that you will receive a better exchange rate.

Water your plants. If you are going to be gone for more than a few days, arrange for a neighbor to help you keep your living things alive.

Board your animals. Make reservations ahead of time. Check shot records to be sure they are up to date.

Stop your mail. Have your mail held at the post office especially if your mail box is not secure. Identity thieves are clever. Stop your newspaper as well.

Put name and destination phone number or destination address on your luggage. Don’t put the address of your vacant home.

Pack extra prescription medication, contacts, lens cases and solution. It’s a big pain to have to replace contact lenses away from home.

Photocopy your passport, credit cards and record the phone numbers for reporting lost or stolen credit or debit cards. Put this information in a location other than your purse or wallet.

Close and lock all windows.

Unplug all appliances. Decide if you would like your heating or AC on or off.

Turn off water to all external faucets. If a neighbor is watching your home, make sure they know how to turn off the water main to your home in case of a sprinkler leak.

Put timers on your lights. No need to advertise that you are gone.

Be sure to pack your phone, camera and computer chargers. If you are leaving the country make sure that you have the necessary adapters.

And finally, be careful what you post on Facebook or FourSquare. You might be having the time of your life, but no one needs to be reminded that your home is unattended.

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