Organizing Sheets and Towels

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Leave it to Martha to make us feel a bit inadequate about how our linen closets look. But, we also have to give her props for her great organizational ideas. Today we are going to talk about how to beautifully store your sheets and towels.

Try to limit yourself to three sets of sheets per bed and as few as three sets of bath sheets or towels, hand towels, and washcloths per person (more if you change towels daily, fewer if the men in your household have never picked up a washcloth). This gives you one set in use, one in the hamper, and one in the closet ready for action. You’ll need only one or two sets for guests (one on the bed and one in the hamper or closet).

To enhance the aroma of your linens, place in the back of the closet sachet bags of pine, cedar, vanilla, or fresh lavender wrapped in cheesecloth and tied with a ribbon. You can also hang a fabric-softener strip on the door or use scented drawer liners.

Fold sheets neatly and store them in the matching pillowcase. Place them in your linen closet according to size. Label the shelves so that sheets are always returned to their proper place. Always put the newly laundered on top of a stack, and remove the set to be used next from the bottom. In this way, sets become equally worn.

To keep folded linens organized in neat stacks, flip two shelf brackets on their heads and fastened them to the wall and the shelf with finish washers.

Here is an easy trick for keeping your towels neatly folded. Place the towel flat on the bed. Place a standard-size cutting board in the center of the towel. Fold one end of the towel over to the edge of the cutting board; then fold the other side of the towel. You might have to adjust the cutting board so it’s perfectly centered. Remove the cutting board, then fold the towel in half. For hand towels, use a smaller cutting board.

Send us pictures of your newly organized linen closet. We would love to post them on our Facebook page.

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