Organized Kids – It Can Happen!

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Are you tired of your kids’ room being a disaster? Don’t you wish they would learn how to clean and organize their rooms without being prompted by you? Do you want to learn ways to teach kids of all ages how to be organized? Here is how….

There’s lots of research that suggests your child’s behavioral patterns are set by age three, which also includes their organizational skills. Children definitely follow your lead so pay attention to what you are modeling for them from a very young age. The best way to guarantee your children will develop organizational habits is to be consistent with them, from as early as age 2. As they grow older, from 5 to 8, then from 9 to 12, you can modify your strategies for getting kids organized.

For young children it is important to making cleaning fun. Set a timer and see how many toys they can pick up before it goes off. Give them a set of socks to wear on their hands to help you “dust”.

Teach kids that cleaning is a cooperative effort. Have them collect their toys each night while you put your things away.

Give your kids a few chores from a very early age. A few simple jobs like putting away their socks or choosing an outfit to wear the next day is a good way to give them responsibility.

Store like things together. Help your children sort through their stuff and then use plastic storage boxes, crates or shelving to keep similar toys together.

For children 5 – 8, hang a second clothes rod in their closet so they can reach and hang up their own clothes.

Establish limits for how many toys they can have in their room. Ask, “Do you still play with this stuffed animal?” This will help cut down on clutter. Toys that no longer used can be donated to charity.

For children 9-12, give them even greater responsibility. Buy a filing cabinet so they can file away school papers and art projects that they deem important enough to keep.

Teach them that there is a time to play, a time to clean, a time to sleep and a time to do homework.

Children this age can (don’t fall over), do their OWN laundry. Think how much time you will save yourself. (Start jumping for joy!)

And most importantly, tween’s don’t like to hear us nag. At some stage, you have to stop screaming at your child to clean his or her room. Ask your child, “What do you want from your room? What dream do you have for your life?’ See if, together, you can make his or her room a stepping-off point for their life.

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