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Updating a Basic Bath

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If you are dreaming of a bath remodel before the year ends you are not alone. Many people are still planning and doing work and remodels on their homes despite the down real estate market. The scope and budgets for the remodels may not be what they were a few years ago, but this doesn’t stop homeowners from making their homes the best they can be.

Bathroom and kitchen remodels are the two biggest projects people do for their homes. They can also be the most expensive with the exception of adding on square footage and rooms.  Because of the cost of materials and labor like plumbers and electricians, even simple bathroom remodels can have a sizeable budget.

If you want to update a basic bath on a budget, don’t move around the plumbing or electricity. This can save you money in labor.  Keeping your existing floor plan and updating lighting, flooring, the sink and vanity, tile or bathroom fixtures can still make a huge impact on the look of your bathroom.

Upgrading your flooring and vanity can be a great way to update your bathroom. Removing and replacing tile can be more time consuming than switching out an old vanity for a new one.

Choose classic materials like marble and white subway tile for a bathroom that can stand up to time and trends. This way you can avoid redoing your bathroom in the next few years and make it easier to sell your home if you happen to move. Keep it simple, keep it classic and you’ll be sure to make the best investment.

Bachelor Pad Decorating

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Who says decorating the home is just for ladies? Men, even bachelors, should have a home where they feel comfortable and look forward to coming back to at the end of a long day; a place where they can enjoy watching sports or play their favorite video games, and still be an appropriate place for entertaining friends.

So how do you create a great bachelor pad?

Remember, men don’t seem to outgrow their love for toys; they just get more expensive as they get older.  A bachelor pad must have toys for the big boys like a home entertainment system with big TV or viewing screen and a place for the latest gaming console. This can sit in the living room, which is the perfect spot for entertaining friends. An entertainment center with multiple level of shelving works well to house a myriad of technology.

Because this space is the domain of the bachelor, it is also a good idea to express who he is by putting in some decorating pieces that will show his personality. For example, if you’re a bachelor who loves sports, you can display your favorite sports team’s memorabilia in one part of the room and dedicate it for showcasing.

As any other home, a bachelor pad needs to have furniture and a modern style L shape sofa that is big enough for entertaining guests, comfortable, and space saving.  Just follow some of the suggestions above and for sure, you will be able to create your own ultimate bachelor pad.

Limestone Tile for the Home

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If you are a homeowner, you want nothing but the best when it comes to decorating your home. To give the interior of your house an exemplary look, the best thing that can set the theme and mood for your house is the flooring. When it comes to flooring, homeowners can choose from granite tiles, marble tiles, and ceramic tiles, but there is something in limestone tile that sets it apart from the other types of tiles making it a highly popular choice for home flooring.

Limestone has its own unique and natural qualities that make it stand out among the other types of tile flooring and one of them is its natural shine which gives a space a luxurious look. Since limestone is found in bodies of water, a few impurities like fossils are found in it, which gives limestone its variety of shades and textures. Some of the colors that are available for limestone include earthy tones of green and brown, blue, and grey.

Limestone also gained its popularity because of its durability, so it can be used in any room in the house since it can stand up to heavy traffic. Homeowners use it in the kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom without worrying about damage as it has a very hard surface and can even resist extreme temperatures.

It is also the most hygienic flooring since it doesn’t allow the growth of bacteria and mold which is bad for your health.

Limestone tiles are indeed the perfect choice for flooring if you want to bring luxury and elegance to your home.

Penny Wise

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The old saying “penny wise and pound foolish” can certainly be applied to home decorating. Putting your budget and money towards investments is wiser than skimping on the big decorative elements and splurging on trendy accents.  When it comes to decorating or remodeling it is important to be more pound wise and penny foolish.

Decorating and designing your home can be a costly endeavor. Whatever budget you have for decorating, putting your money where it counts and will make the biggest impact is key.  Flooring and furniture are two areas where money spent can be a good investment.

Buying the best quality flooring, whether you prefer carpet or tile, is an investment that should last for years in your home. Furniture purchases are the same.  A well constructed sofa or chair, a good quality mattress and bed frame, can last for years of use without showing its age.

Upholstery and rugs are two more important places to spend money.  Invest in durable materials and good quality that can stand up to the wear and tear of everyday living in your home. Accent fabrics and pillows can be trendier as they are easier and less expensive to replace.

Follow the trends with accents and inexpensive DIY projects that can emulate more expensive items. Pillows, decorative objects, and paint for the walls can transform a tired décor without spending a great deal of money.  Save your pennies for the big expenses and investment pieces that will last you for years.

Painted Furniture: Old and New

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Both antique and new furniture can feature a decoratively painted surface. Painted furniture is also a great DIY project that can be as simple or as complicated as you make it.  You can buy new or old furniture that is already painted or paint your existing furniture to give it new life.

A painted headboard can appear to be vintage if not an antique. A painted nightstand can appear to be newer and might be a DIY paint job.  The great thing about paint is that you can choose the color to match your bedroom or you can make patterns, such as stripes. Use this inspiration to add charm to your bedroom so you’re more than happy to spend time there.


When you have painted furniture in a room, you might also want to consider painted wood floors. Painting floors can give the room a cottage or shabby chic style that is perfect as a backdrop for painted furniture. Be sure to consult with your flooring professional before attempting to paint floors.

You can mix and match painted pieces or introduce a single painted piece of furniture as an accent. A red painted console table or dresser will be a standout in a living room or bedroom. The creativity of painted furniture is only limited to your imagination if you are doing it yourself.  Look for vintage and antique painted furniture at the flea market or antique store.

Using Bold Patterned Accents

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Big, bold patterns can bring life to a room when used as accents.  Like a boldly patterned top and the perfect jeans, bold patterns are best when paired with neutrals to help balance the color and pattern.  This is why designers often recommend getting the big investment pieces like sofas in neutral upholstery.  You can always add color and pattern in accessories.

Bold patterned accents can be used around the room, including the floor.  Pattern on the floor can be created with a checkerboard of white and colored tiles, multi-colored linoleum squares, patterned cement tiles, carpet tiles and area rugs. Area rugs are the classic way to bring pattern to the floor, with infinite options from Persian to contemporary styles in every color imaginable. The bigger the pattern—the bigger the statement.  Lattice and geometric patterns like stripes are current designer favorites.

Adding bold pattern in textiles is another option that is also low cost.  A few accent pillows in a big pattern can change the feeling of a room and a piece of furniture. These neutral gray chairs stand out with the addition of patterned pillows.

Pattern can be added to walls with stencils and wallpaper.  Again, keep furnishings neutral against a big, bold pattern.  It gives the eye a place to rest.

With pattern you can add a little or a lot, depending on how bold you want to be. From small accessories to area rugs, bold pattern adds a big kick of design to a room.

Creating Traditions: Breakfast for Dinner

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At the end of some days you just want to put on your pajamas and forget about the day you just had. Since there is no such thing as a do-over when it comes to crazy days, you can erase the day with a casual family meal: breakfast for dinner. On crazy busy or stressful days the last thing you want to think about is planning dinner.  If you had foresight you might have put something in the slow cooker, but hindsight is 20/20. Instead, put on your pajamas and make breakfast.

Breakfast for dinner is a good thing for lazy weekend evenings too. Making eggs, pancakes, waffles or omelets for dinner can be a quick and easy way to feed the family. Dressing in PJs or robes makes the casual meal feel more special and then you can hop on the couch to watch a movie with the family.

Breakfast at any time of the day is a good way to involve kids in making the meal. They can crack eggs or mix batter. Scrambling eggs is a basic skill that can be mastered at a young age. Kids can help pour out the pancakes and flip them too.  Getting kids interested in cooking is a good life skill.

If you have little ones in the kitchen, get a sturdy kitchen stool to help them reach the counters. For any stools or furniture that will move around the kitchen make sure the feet won’t scratch your wood floor or mark your tile or vinyl floor. Adding furniture pads to the feet is a quick and easy way to protect your floors.

What’s on Your Nightstand?

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What’s on your nightstand might sound like a question about what book you are currently reading. We’re thinking more about what objects are on your bedside table.  Do you have a lamp? An alarm clock? Maybe a glass of water? These are pretty common things to find on a nightstand.

The nightstand can also be a place for a few decorative touches. This is one of the last things you see before falling asleep and one of the first you see when you wake up, and hit snooze on the alarm clock.  Making sure your nightstand is the right size for your essentials is the beginning.  A small side table can make for a good bedside table if you don’t need the storage underneath. Covering the table with a decorative table cloth that ties in with your bedding and carpet or area rug is a nice way to create a pulled together design.

Choose a bedside lamp that you love and fits with your style. Or you can choose a light with an adjustable arm to give you better reading light. If you don’t have a large nightstand, a wall mounted swing arm lamp can be a good solution for lighting.

Frame a photo you love and put it on your nightstand so it is something you see when you go to sleep and wake up. Inspirational quotes and sentimental objects are other things you can put on your nightstand besides the essentials. Make sure you wake up to something pretty.

Decorating a Bathroom for a Man

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His and hers bathrooms are something many women dream of in their ideal home. Not having to share a bathroom with your husband or children may not always be possible. The majority of people are lucky to have an en suite master bathroom with double sinks.  If you do have his and her bathrooms or even his and her vanities, there are simple ways to bring in a more masculine feel for the man of the house.

Of course bachelors don’t have to share their bathrooms with feminine style, which means lots of hair and beauty products. Married men sometimes fight for available counter and sink space with hair dryers, makeup and other styling products.  Finding storage for all of these products in the vanity or medicine cabinet can create more counter space. Baskets and boxes can also help corral everything that comes with being a woman. Room for a traditional shaving set and shaving mirror brings in a bit of masculine style.

A masculine bathroom can be done to resemble a traditional men’s club with dark wood on the vanity and floor.  Classic materials like grey or white marble can be used on both the counter and floor.  Silvery metal hardware and fixtures can give a bit of sparkle but not take away from the masculine style.

Rather than a soaking tub, a steam shower is a good choice for a bathroom for him. Multiple shower heads and a rain shower are the next level of luxury.  Glass shower doors or a walk in shower keep the shower from feeling too closed in.