Bachelor Pad Decorating

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Who says decorating the home is just for ladies? Men, even bachelors, should have a home where they feel comfortable and look forward to coming back to at the end of a long day; a place where they can enjoy watching sports or play their favorite video games, and still be an appropriate place for entertaining friends.

So how do you create a great bachelor pad?

Remember, men don’t seem to outgrow their love for toys; they just get more expensive as they get older.  A bachelor pad must have toys for the big boys like a home entertainment system with big TV or viewing screen and a place for the latest gaming console. This can sit in the living room, which is the perfect spot for entertaining friends. An entertainment center with multiple level of shelving works well to house a myriad of technology.

Because this space is the domain of the bachelor, it is also a good idea to express who he is by putting in some decorating pieces that will show his personality. For example, if you’re a bachelor who loves sports, you can display your favorite sports team’s memorabilia in one part of the room and dedicate it for showcasing.

As any other home, a bachelor pad needs to have furniture and a modern style L shape sofa that is big enough for entertaining guests, comfortable, and space saving.  Just follow some of the suggestions above and for sure, you will be able to create your own ultimate bachelor pad.

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