Penny Wise

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The old saying “penny wise and pound foolish” can certainly be applied to home decorating. Putting your budget and money towards investments is wiser than skimping on the big decorative elements and splurging on trendy accents.  When it comes to decorating or remodeling it is important to be more pound wise and penny foolish.

Decorating and designing your home can be a costly endeavor. Whatever budget you have for decorating, putting your money where it counts and will make the biggest impact is key.  Flooring and furniture are two areas where money spent can be a good investment.

Buying the best quality flooring, whether you prefer carpet or tile, is an investment that should last for years in your home. Furniture purchases are the same.  A well constructed sofa or chair, a good quality mattress and bed frame, can last for years of use without showing its age.

Upholstery and rugs are two more important places to spend money.  Invest in durable materials and good quality that can stand up to the wear and tear of everyday living in your home. Accent fabrics and pillows can be trendier as they are easier and less expensive to replace.

Follow the trends with accents and inexpensive DIY projects that can emulate more expensive items. Pillows, decorative objects, and paint for the walls can transform a tired décor without spending a great deal of money.  Save your pennies for the big expenses and investment pieces that will last you for years.

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