Updating a Basic Bath

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If you are dreaming of a bath remodel before the year ends you are not alone. Many people are still planning and doing work and remodels on their homes despite the down real estate market. The scope and budgets for the remodels may not be what they were a few years ago, but this doesn’t stop homeowners from making their homes the best they can be.

Bathroom and kitchen remodels are the two biggest projects people do for their homes. They can also be the most expensive with the exception of adding on square footage and rooms.  Because of the cost of materials and labor like plumbers and electricians, even simple bathroom remodels can have a sizeable budget.

If you want to update a basic bath on a budget, don’t move around the plumbing or electricity. This can save you money in labor.  Keeping your existing floor plan and updating lighting, flooring, the sink and vanity, tile or bathroom fixtures can still make a huge impact on the look of your bathroom.

Upgrading your flooring and vanity can be a great way to update your bathroom. Removing and replacing tile can be more time consuming than switching out an old vanity for a new one.

Choose classic materials like marble and white subway tile for a bathroom that can stand up to time and trends. This way you can avoid redoing your bathroom in the next few years and make it easier to sell your home if you happen to move. Keep it simple, keep it classic and you’ll be sure to make the best investment.

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