What’s on Your Nightstand?

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What’s on your nightstand might sound like a question about what book you are currently reading. We’re thinking more about what objects are on your bedside table.  Do you have a lamp? An alarm clock? Maybe a glass of water? These are pretty common things to find on a nightstand.

The nightstand can also be a place for a few decorative touches. This is one of the last things you see before falling asleep and one of the first you see when you wake up, and hit snooze on the alarm clock.  Making sure your nightstand is the right size for your essentials is the beginning.  A small side table can make for a good bedside table if you don’t need the storage underneath. Covering the table with a decorative table cloth that ties in with your bedding and carpet or area rug is a nice way to create a pulled together design.

Choose a bedside lamp that you love and fits with your style. Or you can choose a light with an adjustable arm to give you better reading light. If you don’t have a large nightstand, a wall mounted swing arm lamp can be a good solution for lighting.

Frame a photo you love and put it on your nightstand so it is something you see when you go to sleep and wake up. Inspirational quotes and sentimental objects are other things you can put on your nightstand besides the essentials. Make sure you wake up to something pretty.

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