Making Merry in Modern Style

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Ready or not, the holidays are upon us.   Now that Thanksgiving has come and gone, it’s time to get ready for the rest of the upcoming holiday celebrations!  Whether you love decorating for the holidays or are more humbug than happy about holiday décor, keeping to your style will make your decorations fit in better with your home’s décor.

If you are a modern design lover or just like the crisp, clean lines of contemporary style, traditional holiday decorating may not work with your style.  Red and green everything, snowmen, and elves are traditional holiday designs that added to a modern, minimalist room just don’t fit.  This doesn’t mean you have to forgo holiday decorations all together. You just need to think outside the box a bit. Luckily, today’s designers of holiday decorations take into account all the different styles and tastes.  As well as traditional decorations, retailers offer everything from vintage and retro to woodland forest and handcrafted.

This living room is a beautiful example of a festive holiday décor that works with the room’s style and furniture.  Keeping color to a simple winter palette of white with pops of red works with the clean white color on the walls, wood floors and winter white area rug.  A white tree works much better than a traditional pine to keep the palette simple.  Instead of using red accents, you could go with silver accents for a more monochrome palette.

In a modern or contemporary space a few styles of holiday decorating would work. Rustic or forest would be a nice contrast to the clean lines of a contemporary style.  Vintage and retro are good choices for a modern home.

Be true to your decorating style and you’ll be sure to have a festive home that reflects your personality!

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