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Hosting a Play Date

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15259686_SHosting a play date is a nice way for moms of same age babies, toddlers and children to get together.  Social interaction is important for babies, and maybe even more important for the moms.  Getting together and sharing ideas, tips, triumphs and disasters in parenting creates a support network for moms.  While moms are talking, babies and kids can be playing and learning to interact with their peers.

Rotate who hosts the play date so mom can play hostess but also take a break and get out of the house. If it is your turn to host a play date, make sure you have a safe area for kids to play and interact. If you have wee babies or toddlers, make sure your space is kid proofed and kid friendly.  For little ones, soft floors are a must. Put down an area rug, blanket or cushions if you have hardwood floors or tile. Even carpeted floors could benefit from large cushions and kid friendly poufs or ottomans. Older kids will have different needs than toddlers and babies so you might want to plan an activity or game.

Depending on how organized you are, plan for snacks and beverages for moms and kids alike. You might also want to share the latest thing you found on a mom blog or parenting website for discussion. Of course play dates are not just limited to moms. Dads should be encouraged to have play dates with the kids and other dads.  It’s just as important for dads to build the support network with other parents as it is for moms.

Tips for Summer Floor Care at the Beach

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15151123_SBringing the outdoors in is what a home at the beach is all about, isn’t it?  A beach house is for family and friends to relax and enjoy, especially in summer, when life moves at a slower pace.  How do you draw the line between encouraging vacationers to enjoy themselves and entering into the spirit of summer, versus becoming the “enforcer” spoiling other’s summer fun?    No one likes to clean up messes at the beach!  Here’s a few tips to help make summer at the beach a little easier, and keep your beach house in great shape for future vacations:

  • Scatter floor mats at multiple locations on the way in and out of the house – as many as possible.  Multiple mats provide more opportunities to collect sand BEFORE it gets in the house, especially for kids who may be tempted to walk inside with sandy feet!
  • Outdoor hoses and showers:  Encourage guests and family members to get in the habit of rinsing off feet and flip flops before entering the house.  Besides, it’s fun to spray cold water on your feet after a hot day at the beach!
  • Provide separate “indoor” versus  “outdoor” towels and beach blankets.
  • Offer an area either immediately outside, or directly inside the front door for beach shoes to be left before entering the main living area.  Remind guests to leave clean indoor footwear to be retrieved and worn upon entering the home.
  • Vacuum carpeted areas and shake out area rugs frequently…even with all of the above precautions, it’s amazing how much sand still gets tracked in.
  • Make outdoor porch areas as appealing as possible.  When guests eat, drink and play in outdoor living areas, that means more sand stays outside and there’s less work for you!