2013 Fantasy Football

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15752716_SFantasy football draft day is the best day of the year for many football fanatics. In fact the day can be equated to Christmas morning for grown men and women. You finally get to pick your team for the season. There are always surprises – good and bad ones – like your draft position or getting that sleeper player that no one else knows about. Should you be hosting a draft at your home, here are a few ideas for making draft day one that no one in your league will forget.

A draft can be the most fun event of your fantasy football season. This is especially true if you’re holding an in-person draft instead of an online draft. Having everyone get together is a great way to meet all of the owners and engage in some friendly rivalry before the season starts.

To make things easy purchase paper goods with a football theme. Hang team banners or flags in the room where you will have the draft. Be sure you have a table big enough to seat all of the owners and enough chairs so that everyone can kick back and relax as a fantasy football drafts take several hours. You’ll also need plenty of room at the table as everyone will come with cheat sheets, magazines and notes.

Buy a big-enough board so that everybody can see which picks were made by the different owners. A dry erase board is always a good choice. Just be sure it’s large enough to list all team members comfortably.

As far as food goes, you simply can’t go wrong with hot wings, queso, chips and dip. You want fellow owners to be able to enjoy food and drinks in the middle of the draft. Make sure you have plenty of beer, water and soda on hand in coolers right in the room. There is no need for anyone to leave the room during the draft to grab a drink and miss a few picks.

Keep your game face on. No need to let everyone at the table know that picking a kicker in the third round was a stupid idea, or that there is still a tier one running back on the table.

Most importantly, have fun and remember no matter how good your draft it really comes down to a little bit of luck as players can get injured, coaches can change their lineups and some sleepers are really duds.

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