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Design Inspiration: Glass Accents

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12421237_SGlass is an amorphous material formed by melting and cooling magma.  It’s usually transparent or translucent.

Glass décor is a great way to add beauty and interest to an entire room.  Use it for inspiration.  Glass décor comes in all sorts of shapes, sizes, patterns, and colors.

One glass item can stand alone and become a focal point in a room or you can choose to collect a few items.  You can choose to have them all be different or find pieces with a similar theme.  For example, look for glass  décor pieces with the same shape, but in varying sizes.  Find pieces from the same era.  Vintage glass vases or bowls will perk up a room in no time.

Handblown glass look like one of a kind art in a room.  Allow the glass to inspire you and the room design.  The colorful glasses in the image above would be a great, colorful accents on a dining table for a special occasion.  Don’t forget that these glasses like these can be used to decorate a room as well.   Placing them behind a glass cabinet or using them as candle holders creates a colorful and interesting atmosphere.

Use the glass accents to decorate a shelf, create a cohesive vignette, bring sparkle to a room, or dress up the mantle.  Whatever you decide to decorate, keep in mind that all of your home décor should reflect your style and be pieces you truly enjoy


Organizing in 2014

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21329088_SIs your New Years resolution to have a more organized house this year? You’ve taken down the tree, put away the ornaments and dealt with all the gift-wrapping supplies. Dealing with the holiday clutter is a great start. Now you can concentrate on keeping the rest of the house clean and organized for the entire year. Here is a simple way to start the process.

When you leave a room look for items that do not belong. Don’t be lazy. Pick those items up and put them away. This is a good habit for everyone in the family to get used to.

Sort and read the mail everyday. Recycle the junk and then deal with bills and other correspondence appropriately. Note – this does not mean leave them in a pile. There are fun organizational tools that you can use to separate these items.

Clean the kitchen and the bathroom. Do not leave a sink of dirty dishes to be dealt with every morning. Instead make sure the pots and pans are scrubbed and the dishwasher is turned on before you go to bed. Likewise, don’t leave makeup all over the bathroom counter. Put it away. Do a daily wipe down of the countertops and sinks in both your kitchen and your bathroom.

Sweep the floors. If you have wood floors you should probably be doing that anyway. This will really help and there are many tools out there that make sweeping a breeze.

Finally, when you do the laundry don’t let your clothes hang out in the basket.  Hang them up!

At the end of a long day we are tired, but if you get in the habit of doing these few simple things your house will be more organized and you will feel better.