Things to Consider When Carpeting Stairs

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Carpeting the stairs provides many benefits to the home especially if there are children involved. If you have decided to carpet your stairs, there are a few things that are helpful to know before you start in on the process.

Two Methods to Carpet the Stairs

The first thing to learn in the two

  • The Waterfall Method – A long piece of carpet covers the whole stair case from each riser and tread. 
  • The Cap and Band Method – A separate piece of carpet is used to cover each riser and tread.

How to get the right measurement for stair carpeting

  • The tread – The tread is the horizontal portion of the stairs. Measure the end of your tread from inner to outer. 
  • The riser – The riser is the vertical distance of one step to the next.

Add the tread and the riser measurements together then add 2 inches to the total. The additional 2 inches will allow cover for the edges and allows allowances for any bulges that the padding may offer. 

These are useful items to know when starting the process of carpeting your stairs.  If these seem confusing at all, the team at Dolphin Carpet and Tile are happy to answer any questions.


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