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A patio extends the interior of your home to the backyard. This is a unique space, which you may design using your own personality and flair. When deciding on the style you want, you might want to reflect the style inside the house or to complement the architecture of the exterior.


For a polished look, a monochromatic palette with lots of white, gray and black can work well. Wirework tables and chairs might be suitable. For a tropical look, lots of floral accents and maybe actual flowers can be used. Attractive and vibrant colors such as red, orange, pink and yellow, and other prints can make the space livelier. For those living near the beach, a nautical look might be preferred. White and blue of different shades, and shells and bottled sand as accent can be fitting.


A fire pit, a grill or a seating area can provide an interesting and useful focal point. To make the space more intimate, you can imagine the patio as a room just without its walls. The comfortable seats, coffee table, side tables and fire pit are appropriate for interacting and having conversations with family members, and entertaining guests. For a more relaxing space, a swinging seat bench can be placed by a corner or as a centerpiece. Large existing trees in the area can also be fitted with a hammock. If you desire for greater privacy, putting the patio against a tall wooden fence will work.


Keeping in mind that the furniture would be exposed to harsh sunlight and water, choosing weather-resistant furniture is a must. If your patio is not covered with an awning, coverage for the sun may be necessary. A simple large umbrella and a fabric canopy can be used and even a pergola can be constructed.


Also, you may let out your creativity by creating decorative accessories or looking for found objects to use as furniture. By doing this, you may even save some money. An old trunk, for example, can be used as a coffee table, and a splash of color may easily be added by displaying potted flowers from your garden. An assortment of can or glass lanterns, which are easy to create, can also give the patio a festive atmosphere.


The outdoor space of your home can be transformed into a more valuable living area by installing a new patio or decorating an old one. The patio can easily become a functional, relaxing and attractive addition to your home.

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