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How to Treat a Great Barbecue Recipe Stain

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In our previous post, we gave you one of our favorite barbecue recipes.  Since family barbecues are supposed to be relaxing events, this might help, because accidents happen!

This and a great number of tips on stains can be found on our Floor Care page.

How to treat a sauce stain in carpet:

Solvent – A non-flammable spot removal solution, or dry cleaning type solvent, is preferred. Exercise caution when using a solvent. Never pour it directly onto the carpet or allow it to reach the backing, because it can damage the latex that holds the primary and secondary backings together. Acceptable solvents include Carbona®, Energine®, K2R®, Goof-Off®, etc.

Detergent Solution – Mix one fourth (1/4) teaspoon of a liquid dishwashing detergent per one (1) cup of lukewarm water. NEVER USE A STRONGER CONCENTRATION! Thorough rinsing is necessary to remove detergent residues that may cause rapid soiling. It may be necessary to rinse with warm water several times to completely remove residues. (See Residue Precautions.) Care should be used in selecting a detergent. Never use a laundry detergent of any type, because laundry detergents may contain optical brighteners (flourescent dyes) that dye the fiber. Do not select an automatic dishwashing detergent because many contain bleaching agents that destroy dyes and some fibers.

Vinegar Solution – Mix one (1) cup of white vinegar per two (2) cups of water. White vinegar is a 5% acetic acid solution. It is used most often to lower the alkalinity caused by detergent solutions or alkaline spills.

Warm Water – Lukewarm tap water should be used in most cases to rinse the cleaning solutions from the fiber. Failure to completely rinse the solutions from the fiber may cause accelerated soiling.

Ammonia Solution – Mix one (1) tablespoon of household ammonia per cup of water. Please note: Be aware that ammonia, if used improperly, can cause a color change. Be sure to test a hidden area.

Call a Professional – Professional cleaners have the ability and the equipment to use more aggressive cleaning solutions to remove stubborn spills. Always consider consulting a professional cleaner regarding any spot removal question. 



A Great Barbecue Recipe

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Here is one of our favorite marinade recipes for you and your family.  It’s great as a marinade brushed over grilling meat or veggies.  Just be careful, because one taste is never enough!



1 cup soy sauce

1 cup sugar

4 T Oyster Sauce

1 cup Ketchup

4 T Lemon Juice

2 t Worcestershire Sauce

2 t Dry Mustard


Whisk together and refrigerate.


Barbecues are a great way to bring family and friends together.  It’s a chance for everyone to kick back relax and visit while enjoying great food in a casual atmosphere.  What happens, though, when someone knocks a bowl of sauce onto the carpet?  


We thought we should include an emergency plan for such an incident!  Stay tuned for our next post, Part 2: How to Get a Great Barbecue Recipe Out of Your Carpet!

Tips for Moms on the Go

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Every woman has her own personal fitness goals, and while they may not be the same most would agree that finding the time to work out is a major obstacle. Here are five fun ways you can make time for fitness while keeping up with your demanding schedule.

Start your day with calf raises. This move will give you those attractive runners’ calves without ever having to hit the pavement. To do calf raises, start flat-footed then raise your heel s off of the floor until you are on the balls of your feet. Then lower back down to the starting position. A great time to do these is while you’re getting ready in front of the mirror. While brushing your teeth, do calf raises in a normal stance, and while styling your hair, do them with your toes pointed outwards. 

Another great time to do an on-the-go workout is while you’re driving to work or taking the kids to school.  Sitting is an excellent opportunity to do glut squeezes. This move consists of tightening your gluts for a few seconds and then releasing.  By the time you finish your commute you will have a more shapely behind. If your plans for the day include more sitting, you can work on your posture. For example, if you are sitting at a desk try to avoid leaning over to see your computer. Sit up like a lady, lift your ribs a bit and tighten your core. Not only will you look more attractive while getting the job done, you’ll also be engaging your core and developing stronger abs over time.

Once you get home in the evening, there is often the task of making dinner and doing laundry. Use this as an opportunity to train your body. For example, every time you pick up a heavy food item, such as a couple of cans of tomatoes, do 20 bicep curls. Start by taking one can in each hand and tucking your elbows in with your arms at your sides. Then lift the cans up to your shoulders and back down.  This move will tone your arms. To tone your legs, make use of the any stairways in the house. Instead of walking up the stairs once, try running up the stairs twice. If you do this while holding something heavy, such as laundry, the exercise will be more effective. If heavy items are too cumbersome while climbing the stairs multiple times, run all the way to top carrying the item, place it at the top of the stairs, run all the way back down, and then up again.

Use these ideas as inspiration for ways to work out all day long. You will be pleasantly surprised to learn that the opportunities are endless!

Hosting A Kids’ Pool Party

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Summertime is here and there is nothing better than an outdoor pool party to celebrate the season. Whether you have a child’s birthday party or you would like to throw a friendly neighborhood soiree, make it a pool party with all the right games and fixins’ kids will be sure to love.


Here are some fun ideas, recipes and tips for a kids’ pool party this summer.


Fishing for prize: Set up a large cardboard “wall” and decorate one side with blue painted waves, colorful fish and sea animals and green seaweed or coral. Pick up a couple of kid-size fishing rods and attach a clothespin to the end of line. Gather plenty of fun prizes that the kids can “fish” for such as packets of fish crackers and gummy candy, kids sunglasses, blow up beach balls and mini squirt guns.


Raft races

At some point during the party, gather the kids for a raft race. Perhaps have a girls heat and a boys heat or even a relay race. The losing team has to jump in the deep end while doing something silly!


Lunch menu

Make the party food easy and kid-friendly. Make several types of sandwiches and cut out into star and fish shapes. Try turkey and cheddar and almond butter and jelly sandwiches. Serve fish-shaped crackers and chips. Serve a vegetable platter with ranch dipping sauce and a colorful fruit salad. Serve drinks with fun straws and mini umbrellas. Finally, serve a “sandy” dessert pudding. Layer chocolate crushed chocolate sandwich cookies in a 9×13 dish. Then spread a thick layer of chocolate pudding. Next, layer marshmallow fluff and then top with crushed graham crackers, the “sandy” part of the dessert. Decorate with mini umbrellas, candies and sprinkles.


Decoration ideas

Decorate your yard and pool area with tiki torches, colorful balloons and big buckets of pool toys and rafts. Set up a folding table for all the food and adorn with extra prizes and treats from the fishing game.


Don’t forget these are fun ideas to inspire you for the next pool party, but make sure to stay safe with the kids!

Decorating With Summer’s Best Colors

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Summer is the perfect time of year to refresh the colors in your home. You may be looking for new accent pieces in your sitting room, a new paint finish in the kitchen or an easy DIY facelift to your powder room. Consider these clean, gorgeous colors ideal for your home’s summer refresh.


Crisp white to brighten any room

A clean, bright white can be so much more than boring. Consider repainting your kitchen white and adding a neutral backsplash to add pop to this room. If you already have white cabinetry, you may want to consider a light, muted grey instead. Add a metal or shiny white backsplash. A neutral kitchen can be adorned with fresh flowers, colorful window treatments or slate grey bar stools.


Sunny yellow for the perfect accent

Bright yellow is the most welcoming color in the home. It may seem overwhelming for a larger room, so instead try using the color as an accent focal point. Consider yellow throw pillows for the sitting room, a yellow accent wall in the kids’ bathroom and yellow side tables for the bedroom. A bright yellow is the perfect accent to white, any shades of grey and blue and navy shades.


Muted orchid to refresh a small bathroom

Radiant Orchid is the Pantone Color of the Year, and it’s beautiful hue is perfect to refresh areas in your home. Try wide, vertical stripes in a little girl’s bedroom, or paint a powder room and add bright white accents. It can also add the perfect small pop a room needs, try painted vases, frames and lamps.


Light sky blue adornments

A faint sky blue is the perfect calming color to decorate several rooms in your home. Paint exposed shelves in your kitchen or replace neutral colored lamps with light sky blue lamps and white lamp shades. Drape a sky blue throw over mustard yellow chairs to add warmth and coziness in the midst of summer. Or paint the dining room this light shade of blue and add a gallery wall of floral and green prints.

Reorganizing the Kids’ Bathroom

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If your kids share a bathroom, then you know the difficulty in keeping peace between children in this space.  The problem can be especially difficult if you have both a boy and a girl!  However, whether you have tweens, teenagers or toddlers, we have some great ideas for organizing a children’s bathroom space to minimize fighting and hectic mornings.


With young children, the height of objects can stand in the way of neatness.  A towel rack hung at their level encourages tidiness and responsibility.  A large compartment bin can hold each child’s bath toys and extra towels. A row of personalized hooks can also keep towels and bathrobes off the floor while a step stool near the sink can keep small floods from invading your bathroom! Stocking fun soap dispensers encourages hand washing and creates great habits for the future. Kid-friendly mouthwash and colorful toothbrushes also helps bring fun to a child’s day.


Tweens and teenagers often have a larger number of items to organize. An individual basket on each side of a sink encourages small items to have a home.  Plastic baskets underneath the sink also help keep personal items separated while utilizing available space. One bin dedicated to items such as a curling iron and hairdryer also help to calm the chaotic counter space.  Use drawer organizers to neaten small items such as hair ties, makeup and toothpaste that may be shared between teens.  Individual shower caddies are a great way to separate bath items and create a feeling of space for each person.


More tips for organizing a shared bathroom:

  • A dedicated caddy for cleaning supplies to be kept in the towel closet
  • Feminine products can be stored in a discreet container nearby
  • Liquid soap, lotion, towels and bins can all be purchased in matching or coordinating colors. 
  • Laundry bins are a great way to pre-sort dirty clothing into dark and light loads.  A great way to make laundry a bit easier as well.

Show Dad How Much He’s Appreciated

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Father’s Day has passed us by, yet dads continue to work as hard as always.  But Father’s Day isn’t the only time we can show him how much he is appreciated! If you are looking for fun way to celebrate dad and everything he does, you may not need to look further than your own backyard. Why not plan a backyard barbecue and spend the day at home with good food, drinks and dad, of course! Here are some easy tips to get your backyard ready.


The Lawn

Dads are often the one stuck with lawn care. Have your oldest mow the grass so it’s freshly cut and ready for yard games and bare feet. As a family, ask your kids to help you pull any new or pesky weeds. Grab a couple of large pots for the deck or to go near the table and plant small shrubs or flowers. Set up a couple lawn games like cornhole or ladder golf, depending on the size of your yard.


Nosh and Drinks

Make the barbecue easy on yourself by prepping ahead and buying sides from your local deli. Marinate chicken legs and thighs in a smoky barbecue sauce and grill off on high until the chicken is cooked through. Buy fresh side salads that remind you of summer–potato salad, macaroni salad and coleslaw. Pick up chips and a variety of dips for the guests. Consider a crudité tray as well with hummus for something a little lighter. Make a drink station in your kitchen sink by filling up one side (or the whole sink) with ice. Pack beers, juice bottles, water and soda cans in the ice. Make dessert easy by baking off a box of brownies or slice and bake cookies.



Set an easy, welcoming table. Depending on the ages of your kids, ask them to decorate placemats or to help with the table centerpiece. Set out paper plates, napkins and plastic cutlery. Make sure Dad’s favorite outdoor seat is ready and in a great shady spot.  A hammock hung in the backyard is also a great way to give him a relaxing afternoon. 


Make sure to let your father know how Father’s Day isn’t the only day you notice how hard he works!