Hosting A Kids’ Pool Party

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Summertime is here and there is nothing better than an outdoor pool party to celebrate the season. Whether you have a child’s birthday party or you would like to throw a friendly neighborhood soiree, make it a pool party with all the right games and fixins’ kids will be sure to love.


Here are some fun ideas, recipes and tips for a kids’ pool party this summer.


Fishing for prize: Set up a large cardboard “wall” and decorate one side with blue painted waves, colorful fish and sea animals and green seaweed or coral. Pick up a couple of kid-size fishing rods and attach a clothespin to the end of line. Gather plenty of fun prizes that the kids can “fish” for such as packets of fish crackers and gummy candy, kids sunglasses, blow up beach balls and mini squirt guns.


Raft races

At some point during the party, gather the kids for a raft race. Perhaps have a girls heat and a boys heat or even a relay race. The losing team has to jump in the deep end while doing something silly!


Lunch menu

Make the party food easy and kid-friendly. Make several types of sandwiches and cut out into star and fish shapes. Try turkey and cheddar and almond butter and jelly sandwiches. Serve fish-shaped crackers and chips. Serve a vegetable platter with ranch dipping sauce and a colorful fruit salad. Serve drinks with fun straws and mini umbrellas. Finally, serve a “sandy” dessert pudding. Layer chocolate crushed chocolate sandwich cookies in a 9×13 dish. Then spread a thick layer of chocolate pudding. Next, layer marshmallow fluff and then top with crushed graham crackers, the “sandy” part of the dessert. Decorate with mini umbrellas, candies and sprinkles.


Decoration ideas

Decorate your yard and pool area with tiki torches, colorful balloons and big buckets of pool toys and rafts. Set up a folding table for all the food and adorn with extra prizes and treats from the fishing game.


Don’t forget these are fun ideas to inspire you for the next pool party, but make sure to stay safe with the kids!

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