Reorganizing the Kids’ Bathroom

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If your kids share a bathroom, then you know the difficulty in keeping peace between children in this space.  The problem can be especially difficult if you have both a boy and a girl!  However, whether you have tweens, teenagers or toddlers, we have some great ideas for organizing a children’s bathroom space to minimize fighting and hectic mornings.


With young children, the height of objects can stand in the way of neatness.  A towel rack hung at their level encourages tidiness and responsibility.  A large compartment bin can hold each child’s bath toys and extra towels. A row of personalized hooks can also keep towels and bathrobes off the floor while a step stool near the sink can keep small floods from invading your bathroom! Stocking fun soap dispensers encourages hand washing and creates great habits for the future. Kid-friendly mouthwash and colorful toothbrushes also helps bring fun to a child’s day.


Tweens and teenagers often have a larger number of items to organize. An individual basket on each side of a sink encourages small items to have a home.  Plastic baskets underneath the sink also help keep personal items separated while utilizing available space. One bin dedicated to items such as a curling iron and hairdryer also help to calm the chaotic counter space.  Use drawer organizers to neaten small items such as hair ties, makeup and toothpaste that may be shared between teens.  Individual shower caddies are a great way to separate bath items and create a feeling of space for each person.


More tips for organizing a shared bathroom:

  • A dedicated caddy for cleaning supplies to be kept in the towel closet
  • Feminine products can be stored in a discreet container nearby
  • Liquid soap, lotion, towels and bins can all be purchased in matching or coordinating colors. 
  • Laundry bins are a great way to pre-sort dirty clothing into dark and light loads.  A great way to make laundry a bit easier as well.

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