How Can I Make My Small Living Room Look Larger?

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Small living rooms can sometimes feel cramped, dark, and suffocating, rather than the cozy warm room that you may have in mind for the space. There are several tricks you can use to help make it appear bigger, so you can feel more comfortable in the room.

Lighten Up

Lighten and brighten the room whenever possible to help make it appear to be larger. A lighter colored floor will help a small room feel larger by opening the space. Include extra light sources and mirrors in the room to reflect whatever light there is. Consider going bright, light, or bold with your paint color choices and avoid anything dark in the space, which could make it appear even smaller.

Enlarge Your Furnishings

You may think that you need to shrink your furniture to fit the room, but actually the opposite is true. Whenever possible use the largest size pieces that comfortably fit inside the room. This will actually make the room feel much larger than it really is, while also making it more comfortable for those that are using it.

Float Your Furniture

Many people feel that they need to push all their furnishings against the walls in small rooms to open up the space. This isn’t always necessary, though. As long as you leave enough space to navigate the room easily, you can create conversation areas in the centers of the room by floating your furniture and pulling it away from the walls. This trick makes the room seem larger because of the extra space surrounding the furnishings, rather than leaving it all in the center of the room.

Go Big with Wall Art

Whenever possible, try to go big with your wall art as well as your furniture. Hang some large statement pieces on the walls to become a focal point, or arrange a lot of smaller pieces together to form a gallery wall. You can also do this with mirrors to help capture and bring a little extra light into the space as well.

Create Groupings

Seating is very important no matter what size the room is. Be sure to create separate conversation areas or reading nooks in the room to give people choices of where to sit. Doing so will make the room feel larger and cozier at the same time.

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