Creating Cornucopia Centerpieces

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The cornucopia horn is one of the most traditional and well known symbols of the harvest and of Thanksgiving. They can be displayed on your table, mantel, or anywhere in your home all autumn long or set out just for the main holiday meal. There are also lots of ways that you can create your own cornucopia, spinning off from the original design to create something a little more unique or personalized for your home and for the season.

Wicker Horns

Wicker horns are fairly easy to find, and make excellent starting points for your cornucopia. You can find them as baskets or as table settings; just remove any handles before beginning, as you will want to flatten out one end and lay it on its side. To stop it from rocking or rolling, find a few sticks or branches in a similar color to the horn and glue to them onto the bottom sides so the horn stays stable.

Filling the Horn

While the traditional horn is filled with fruits and vegetables of the harvest, this isn’t always the most practical option for interior design. Fruits don’t last forever, and wax or plastic fruit often doesn’t have the same look. Try one of these ideas instead to create your own cornucopia look without the risk of rotting fruit:

  • Fill the horn with a variety of autumn leaves taken right from the trees. Just clip several twigs and branches and arrange them like you would flowers before inserting them into the horn. To make them last longer, soak a piece of foam in water first, then tuck the twigs into the foam before inserting the entire thing into the horn.
  • Take your fake fruit and try spray painting it gold or silver before setting it in the horn. The spray paint adds a little extra dimension that masks the fact that the fruit is fake and creates some glamour instead.
  • Collect a variety of different pinecones and acorns, and fill your horn with these symbols of autumn instead of fruit. They have the same appeal of the harvest, but with a natural and long lasting characteristic as well.

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