Holiday Dinner Themes

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If you’re hosting a holiday dinner this year, consider setting your table and the day apart from the others by incorporating a theme. Themes can be a fun way to bring everyone together; guests can be informed ahead of time so they can coordinate with food, clothes, gifts, and party favors to match. While a theme isn’t necessary to enjoy the day, it can go a long way toward making the holiday more fun for everyone.

Color Themes

One of the simplest ways to incorporate a theme into your day is through color. By picking a palette and running it throughout the house and the dinner table, you can produce a cohesive effect that is charming and polished at the same time.

Some color themes to consider include:

  • Holiday lights – draw your inspiration from the colors used to light the season.
  • Outdoors  – look to the colors of the trees, sky, and surrounding nature to decorate your house in.
  • Favorite color – the color theme you choose doesn’t have to be fall or holiday related; you can choose a favorite family color that your guests will embrace as well.

Sports Themes

Does your family like to gather to watch the game after the meal? If this is a tradition that you already have as part of your holiday, why not take it a step further and make it the theme of the day. Decorate your table in your favorite team’s colors, and incorporate jerseys, banners, and helmets into your design.

Outdoor Themes

If you live in an area surrounded by nature, why not bring some of it indoors to create an outdoor holiday theme? Cut armfuls of tree branches that still have brightly colored leaves attached, pine swags, and pinecones and bring them in to decorate your home with. You can take this a step further by taking these colors and using them throughout the table as well.

Kid Friendly

If there are going to be lots of kids at the table this year, why not make the whole dinner kid friendly? Incorporate a craft at the beginning of the day to decorate the house with – paper trees, stars, and or party hats all make great decorations. You can also include things like paper plates for easy cleanup, and some favorite kid foods like mac-and-cheese on the menu.

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