How To Design and Make a Custom Headboard Featuring Your Favorite Photography – Part 1

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Part 1: The concept and supply list

This project isn’t necessarily fast or easy, but the outcome is spectacular! A headboard is one of the most impactful focal points in a bedroom. It deserves extra thought and effort, but that doesn’t necessarily mean a lot of extra cost. You can definitely accomplish this project for less than the cost of a designer bed. Once you complete this headboard project all you’ll need for your bed is a basic frame on which to place the mattress and box spring. These are often available second hand in perfect condition.

The quantity, and thus cost, of the supplies necessary to complete this project will depend on the size of your bed. The overall concept entails painting the space above the bed where a headboard would normally be, than framing it with molding. Within the newly framed headboard space will hang an eclectic collection of picture frames featuring your favorite photography. 

Let’s start with your shopping list:

  • Paint – 2 colors that coordinate with your bedroom. Purchase amounts applicable to the size of your project. You need enough paint to paint two coats on the wall within the frame created by the molding. The other paint color will only be used for the molding and some of the picture frames so you won’t need very much.
  • Yard stick or long straight edge for penciling in the lines of the frame.
  • Molding.
  • Miter saw OR small handheld saw.
  • Numerous picture frames of various sizes, dimensions, and designs, in colors that coordinate with your bedroom.
  • Prints of your favorite photos. We’ll explain later how to determine the size.
  • Hammer and small wood nails.
  • Wood glue.
  • Picture hangers or damage-free adhesive tabs.

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