How To Design and Make a Custom Headboard Featuring Your Favorite Photography – Part 2

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Part 2:  Preparation and Framing the Headboard

Now that you have all of your supplies, let’s dive in.


With the bed in place, use a pencil and yard stick (or straight edge) to draw the outlines of the headboard frame on the wall. This is where the molding will be attached to the wall. Ensure that it is a bit wider than the mattress so the bed sits within the dimensions of the headboard, and that it is high enough. If you’re bed isn’t yet on a bed frame, prop it up on four blocks that will raise it to the height it will eventually be. Otherwise your custom headboard will be too low. Also give considerations to the framed photography. The frames need to hang higher than where your pillows rest when the bed is made, as well as when you are sitting up in bed. 


Move the bed out of the room. Measure all three sides of the frame you drew and use the dimensions to cut the molding. You’ll have two symmetrical pieces on each side and a long piece across the top. To make it look like an actual frame, miter cut the edges where the boards meet. Choose a design that coordinates well with the rest of the room. If you want to paint it, buy wood molding. If black or white will work, MDF molding comes ready-made in those colors.

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