How To Design and Make a Custom Headboard Featuring Your Favorite Photography – Part 4

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Part 4:  Photo Selection and Hanging the Photos

Whew! The labor intensive part of the project is done. It’s time to spend an afternoon admiring photography you love and framing it.


Decide which photos will go in which frames, and then order prints to size. We highly recommend that you print low resolution test copies on your home printer to be sure they will fit in the frame the way that you envision. Once you’re ready to print, you can do so on your home printer. We recommend ordering them because the cost is low, the ink is colorfast, and you can typically pick them up in as little as an hour. If you intend to use superior quality prints just be sure to plan for the additional time it will take for them to be processed. 

Not sure which photos to use? You don’t necessarily have to use photos of people you know. You can base the photos on a theme such as nature, travel, or art. Let your imagination run wild!


Refer back to your sketch to determine placement. Avoid the temptation to hang everything in one section before moving on.  The outcome will be most successful if you move around the headboard area while hanging the pictures so that any small errors in placement are undetectable when you’re done.  You can hang them with nails if you like, but the frames will tend to shift and move. Damage free adhesive tabs work well. They’re two sided. One side attaches to the wall, the other to the back of the frame and they secure in place with super strong Velcro. They also remove from the wall cleanly if you need to change things or correct a mistake.


You’re done! Make the bed and admire your creation. It wasn’t easy, but as we said at the beginning, it’s well worth it. You now have a one-of-a-kind headboard that will serve as an impressive and expressive focal point in your bedroom.


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