Making the Most of Small Bedrooms

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Bedrooms come in nearly every shape and size imaginable. And while most interior design ideas focus on large master bedroom suites that can incorporate separate seating areas, dressing rooms, and conversation areas, there are many homes that have much smaller bedrooms as well. And while these bedrooms are small, it doesn’t mean that their interior design or furniture layout should be overlooked. In fact, the right layout in a small space can have a major impact on the way that a room feels, so the right arrangement of furniture in a small bedroom can make the space feel even larger.

Make the Most of Your Floor

The right type of floor covering can change the feel of your room.  Worn carpet will close the space in a small bedroom quickly, drawing the eye down.  Light carpet or a wood floor brightens a small space and opens the room dramatically.   

Furniture Spacing

Furniture spacing is one of the most difficult things to consider in a small bedroom. After all, you usually have to fit in a bed, pair of night tables, and at least one dresser and some bedrooms may have even more furnishings included.

Ideally, there should be about 36-inches of space around three sides of your bed. This gives the best walking space through the room. If this isn’t possible, however, due to space constraints, aim for between 18 and 24-inches of space around the bed. This may influence where you place the bed, as well as the size of some of the other furnishings, such as dressers if they need to be placed nearby.

Don’t Clutter

Take a good look at each piece of furniture you intend to place in the bedroom, and ask yourself if you really need it. Things like jewelry chests or bookcases might be better off somewhere else to help open up the space in the bedroom to make it feel less cluttered.

Make Use of the Walls

If you can’t fit in things you truly want in the bedroom like storage or bookcases, consider looking up rather than down. By mounting some of your furniture on the wall, you don’t take up valuable floor space, and you can often increase the amount of storage space in the entire room at once. By hanging shelves above a dresser, for example, you can store extra items like sweaters or books, without having to take up any more room.

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