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Hardwood or Carpet?

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Christmas Posts

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Winter Crafts for Kids

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As the days start to get shorter, kids can start to feel bored and pent up indoors, particularly when the holidays end and schedules return to normal. When this happens, consider making some fun winter crafts that you can use to brighten up your house and make it a little more cheerful inside. Depending on when you start, you can even use a few of these as decorations over the holiday, or save them for next year to put them out and get some additional use out of them.

Painted Pinecones

Create some beautiful winter decorations with pinecones and some iridescent paint medium. Iridescent medium can be applied to the pinecone spines just like paint. When it dries, however, the medium becomes transparent, leaving behind only a sparkling shine that makes it look as though the pinecones have been left outside in the frost. You can also add the medium to any paint to make your blues, reds, and greens sparkle as well. Tie a ribbon onto the ends of your finished pinecones and use them as ornaments, or hang them in the windows to catch the light.

Salty Snow Scene

This is a fun craft for with children who enjoy the process of watching an almost magical change in their handiwork.  Have your kids draw a snowman or other winter picture on a piece of heavy construction paper. Make sure that they do not cover all the areas of the paper with crayon; some of the paper needs to stay bare for the effect to work.

Dissolve a cup of Epsom salts into two cups of warm water; this needs to be fairly thick and heavy when you are done mixing. Have your child paint the salt water over the finished drawing. When the water dries, it will leave behind salt crystals on the paper that will make it look as though it has been snowing in their scene. If you’d like, you can also add a drop or two of blue food coloring to the water to give the entire picture an icy blue sheen to it at the same time.

Wall Decoration Ideas for Playrooms

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If you’re fortunate enough to have a designated playroom in your home, you know how beneficial this area can be. Playrooms can give you a place to organize your kids’ art supplies and toys, and gives them a place to engage in free play. Because you want this space to inspire creativity in your kids, you’ve probably put a lot of thought into the colors, patterns, and layout of the room. So make sure that your wall decorations follow the same path and try using one of these fun ideas.

Chalkboard Paint

Give your kids the ability to write on the walls without consequence with some chalkboard paint. Try painting the lower half of the walls with the chalkboard paint and a bold color up above. This allows your kids to have some fun coloring right on the walls and decorating the room with their own ideas. A lighter color up above ensures the room doesn’t get too dark.

Wall Quotes

Do your kids have a favorite song or TV show? If so, take a few lines and add them to the walls as a quote. Vinyl wall stickers are available in a wide range of colors and scripts that you can use to add text to the walls. And if they fall out of love with the saying, you can easily take it down again and replace it with something new.

Murals and Characters

If your kids enjoy imaginary play, consider turning one wall of the room into a mural that mirrors their ideas. An undersea world, space scene, or even a princess castle gives them a backdrop to their play and lets them position toys and furnishings in front of it for the best effect.

You can also find a variety of different vinyl wall stickers in your kids’ favorite characters and themes, so you can add some playful color and imagination to any wall of the room – even if you don’t want to commit to a full mural or to the permanency of paint.

Holiday Breakfast Recipes

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Whether you’re having guests stay overnight for the holidays, or it’s just your family waking up to the festivities, treat everyone to a delicious holiday breakfast this year. These simple breakfast ideas are sure to get everyone up and to the table in no time.

Baked French Toast

Make this baked French toast layered with your favorite fruits for a new twist on an old favorite. Whip up the batter of three eggs, one cup of milk, and a teaspoon of vanilla and set it aside. Now layer several slices of bread along with fresh fruit like apples, peaches, or berries in a casserole dish. Pour the batter over the bread and fruit and set it in an oven preheated to 375 degrees. Bake for about 30 minutes or until all the batter has been absorbed and the fruit is soft. Serve with warm maple syrup and fresh whipped cream.

Spiced Coffee

Skip the flavored coffees and make your own holiday spiced blend right at home. Put your favorite coffee grounds into the basket, and then add about a tablespoon of apple pie spice seasoning to the grounds. Run water through just like you ordinarily would for perfectly spiced and delicious coffee that is perfect for holiday mornings.

Sweet Potato Pancakes

This sweet twist on traditional potato pancakes makes them perfect for holiday mornings. It’s also a good way to use up extra sweet potatoes, as these are usually sold in large bags at this time of year. To make this recipe easier, prepare the mashed potatoes the night before and keep them in the refrigerator until you’re ready to make the pancakes.

Then combine equal parts mashed sweet potatoes with grated raw sweet potatoes, and thin the mixture with a little bit of milk until it gets closer to pancake texture. Heat up some oil or butter in a skillet and drop the batter by the ¼ cup onto the hot pan. Cook on each side for about three minutes and transfer to a platter kept in a warm oven until ready to eat. Serve these with spiced apples and fresh sour cream.

Can I Mix Different Prints within the Same Room?

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With all the many different areas where you can use textiles in a room – drapes, rugs, throws, and pillows to name a few – it can be difficult to find perfect matches for everything. From the color to the print, there are times when you may want to try to mix things up, rather than attempting to have everything match. The best part about this, is that depending on what type of design you are aiming for, it can often be more than OK – it can become a way to really enhance and dress up your design.

Interior Design Styles that Work with Mixed Prints

Believe it or not, there are actually several different interior design styles that encourage you to mix your prints. The idea behind the mixing may be different in each one, but if you are reaching for one of these styles in your decorating efforts, you may find that mixing it up is just the thing to do.

Country Style

The idea behind Country style is that the home should be welcoming, comfortable, and inviting. This includes the use of a lot of different prints. Plaids, florals, checks, and stripes can all be used in Country style, as well as prints such as Toile that are specific to the design. Just be sure that your colors are in tune with one another to get the best results.

Eclectic Design

Eclectic design is a newer, more modern type of interior design that also focuses on a lot of mixing of color and pattern in a room. The idea is that the finished design should be bold, eye catching, and purposefully random. So if you want to mix polka dots and chevron prints in one room, go for it, provided that the colors have the same saturation or hue to ensure they blend.

Transitional Design

Transitional design is something that most people have in their homes. It’s a fluid mix between traditional and contemporary and often have components of both. That means that it’s perfectly fine to have some traditional prints in the room that also contains a few contemporary fabrics at the same time.

No matter what decorating scheme you prefer, mixing different prints in the same room can achieve a beautiful overall design by sticking to a few rules!