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Light is a major component of design in a home.  A room with plenty of light feels open, large and inviting, while rooms without enough light can have the opposite effect.  If these are problems you face in your own home, try one of the following to help bring more light into your life!

Let the Sun Shine In

Natural light is a wonderful source of free decoration.  This can come into the room from windows, doors or adjacent rooms.  In order to use any light possible to its fullest, try using reflective surfaces throughout the room. Mirrors and glass can both ramp up any light in your room.  Try various placements of mirrors to maximize available light – the difference may surprise you!  Glass decorations in the room allow light to travel through rather than blocking it.  Glass tile or a reflective backsplash can change the lighting of a room dramatically.

Colors Matter

Dark colors in a room have the effect of closing off the space.  The first reaction may be to choose light or bright colors, however this is not the entire answer.  Warm colors, even those that are light, can make a room feel cozy.  This is not the desired direction for enlarging a small room.  Cool colors are the best when opening up a small space.  Bright white, cool gray or blue help the space to open rather than close the space.

More Light

A very important step in brightening a room is of course, more light.  Artificial light sources fall into three categories – ambient, spot lighting and task lighting.  Ambient lighting does not focus on one area but brightens an entire room or space.  This is often installed overhead.  Spot lighting focuses on a specific area and is ideal for a small space, a corner or an item on display.  Don’t forget to add a mirror nearby to amplify this light!  The final light type, task lighting, provides light to specific tasks, for example, under-cabinet lighting or a desk lamp.  Task lighting can give much needed illumination for activities when overhead lighting is not ideal.

Bring more light into your home and see how your home opens up!

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