How To Create Classy Custom Rhinestone Designs on Clothing

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For those who love sparkle on all of their clothes it’s challenging to find plenty of options! Even if you enjoy glitz in smaller measures, it’s rare to find something with sophistication. There is always the craft store, where you will find predesigned iron-press designs and large adhesive sheets for making a big design in one shot. However, rhinestones often look prettiest when applied as a smattering, as if a fashionable fairy just stopped by for a quick visit to sprinkle some glimmer. To accomplish this on your own you must simply set aside lots of time and patience because you are going to be applying them one by one! It’s worth it though because the result looks classy and professional, and no two designs are alike. This technique also allows you to put them on delicate fabrics since you can control the application (test it on an inconspicuous area.)


Hot-Fix rhinestones. An absolute must! They will say Hot Fix on the package. Rhinestones are sold by size and they’re referred to as SS. 10ss, 20ss, 30ss, etc. As a general guideline 10ss is tiny and 30ss is great for some obvious glamour without looking oversized.

Rhinestone Setter – Hot Fix Applicator. Looks kind of like a wand and it will have interchangeable tips to accommodate various size rhinestones.

Rhinestone tweezers and triangle tray. These ensure you don’t go crazy chasing stones across the table and trying to flip them over. This tray magically allows you to gently shake stones and flip them over. Tweezers for rhinestones allow you to pick them up individually and maintain a grip until they’re exactly where you want them.

Craft Mat –This is a paper-thin mat that rolls up and it’s heat resistant. (Great for lots of other projects too!)

The tools are the most important part! Now just get to work. Lay the part of the garment you’re going to rhinestone on the mat and hold in place. Pick up a stone with the tweezers and place it. Use hot wand and place the tip on top of the stone. Depending on the thickness of the fabric, hold for 10-20 seconds. Use the top side of the tweezers to press and set it. Rhinestone tweezers even have divot specifically for this purpose. Now move on to the next stone. You might want to put on a movie or video-call a friend because you’re going to be busy for awhile. But result will be gorgeous, handmade, and unique!

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