How To Create Runway Model Hair

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How in the world do they do it? It seems like every time you see a runway fashion show or magazine there are women with impossibly big hair, full of curls and volume. But when you try it at home it falls flat in 30 minutes. Here’s how the pros do it. It isn’t a quick process but at least it will actually last long enough for someone other than you to see it!


  • Fine tooth comb
  • Short bristled teasing brush
  • Medium barrel curling iron
  • Hairspray
  • Styling clips

Using the styling clips, start with small sections. They should be no more than four inches wide. Begin at the base of the neck, and split an eight inch section in half. Bring forward on each side of your neck. Use the fine toothed comb and teasing brush to “tease” the hair at the base, nearest to your head. Teasing hair is also called back combing, and it simply means that you comb in the opposite direction than you normally would. This creates a structure that supports lots of volume in your hair. Next, spray the section the section with hairspray. This might surprise you, but spraying it before you curl it gives it more hold.

Then, instead of wrapping the hair from the ends, start the curl at the base of the hair. Do so by slipping the curling iron over the hair nearest your head, and using your hand to hold the end of the section of hair so can control the section as you move through it. Wrap entire the entire section around the barrel of the curling iron while still holding onto the end, and hold for 15 seconds. Then release it by gently pulling the iron downward to create a spiral. Notice how much more curl you created by not starting at the end. Lightly spray again with hairspray, and then move on to the next section.

Continue until you’ve curled all of your hair. When you get to the hair that surrounds your face pay attention to the direction you curl it. Curling it toward your face will achieve a different look than curling it away from your face. Neither option is wrong, however you need to decide which you prefer so that you don’t accidently curl it in the wrong direction. To set it, bend over and flip your hair over your head and spray thoroughly but lightly with hairspray. Before you complete the style make sure to let all of the curls cool completely. Once they’re ready, flip your head over again and slide your fingers into the middle shafts of the hair and tousle it. Do so vigorously for a big, glam hair or gently for a more pulled together look.

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