How To DIY Create Marquee Letters To Decorate a Room

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This project instantly adds wow factor to any room! You can incorporate just one letter or a whole word or name. It’s a project that requires time and patience, though, so choose wisely – especially if you have a deadline. We promise, though, the effect is worth the wait.


  • Paper mache letter(s) found at the craft store or online retailer. For our example we worked with a 23.5 inch letter.
  • 1 strand globe string lights with 25 globe light bulbs. Use the kind that use a standard plug, not the ones that require knowledge about electrical wiring.
  • Hot glue gun and plenty of glue sticks
  • X-Acto Knife
  • Extension Cord
  • Large, clear plastic ruler, found at craft stores.
  • Spray Paint – for letters, and the color of the wall the letter(s) will hang on.
  • Pencil

Using the ruler and a pencil, mark each spot where a light bulb will be inserted. For our example this would be 25 dots (according to the number of bulbs on the string.) Distribute them evenly around the letter, use the ruler to clean up your estimate, and center each dot. If it’s a symmetrical letter, such as A, you’ll need to be more precise. Double check the number of dots, just to be sure it’s exactly as many as you need. Unscrew all of the bulbs out of the light string. Use one of the sockets to trace the size of the hole around each mark you made.


Next, cut out the back panel of the paper mache letter and remove the cardboard stuffing.

Flip it over and hand cut each circle where a socket will go, using the X-Acto knife. This will take some time because it’s important that the size of the hole isn’t compromised because you were in a rush. Otherwise, the socket will slip through the hole rather than stay firmly behind it. Then, spray-paint the letter to your liking. Next, flip it back over and glue each socket in place using hot glue. It should be flush with the hole.

Hold each socket in place for 15 seconds to ensure the glue sets completely. As you proceed, tuck the cord into the back of the letter. You can also hot-glue sections of the cord, to ensure it fits tightly and doesn’t pop out. It’s important that the end with the plug is where you want it – likely on the side that is nearest to an outlet. If the cord is too short, add the extension cord. Paint it the same color as your wall so it’s not too obvious. Screw the bulbs into the front of the letter, plug it in and hang it or set it on a table or desk. Showtime!

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