How To Apply Lip Liner and Lipstick That Lasts All Night

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Swiping on a quick swish of regular lipstick is easy stuff – especially because you can just reapply throughout the day as needed. However, artistically creating a desired lip shape and getting it to stay on for hours is an entirely different art! If you’ve tried lip liner with no success in the past, it’s time try it again with some new-found savvy. To ensure success while you’re learning, set aside at least ten minutes for the job. Once you’ve mastered it, you should still set aside five minutes because picture perfect lips are never accomplished in a flash. Since they last for hours though, it’s time well invested!


Traditional tube lipstick. No glosses, sheer, matte, or other variations. Stick with the original.

Lip liner in the same shade as the lipstick. Spend a little extra on decent stuff so it’s soft and glides. Cheap pencils are nearly impossible to work with.

Transparent face powder. Loose or compact is fine, but you’ll need a small power puff to apply it and the compact comes with one included.

How To:

Start with clean exfoliated lips. If they’re rough use a warm wash cloth to gently massage dead skin off. Apply one thin layer of tube lipstick. Then use the pencil according to this pattern to avoid drawing something akin to a clown’s mouth:

First draw in the bow from the top to center. You’re essentially making a little X. Then, still working on the top lip, start from the corner of the mouth and trace to the top of the bow. Repeat on the other side. Now, do the same with the bottom lip. Rather than try to line it from end to end, start at the corners of the mouth and have them meet in the middle seamlessly.

Apply second, heavier layer of the tube lipstick. To set it, lightly dab it all over with transparent powder. Lips will now be slightly dry to the touch.

Apply a final layer of tube lipstick and lightly retrace the lip liner lines to clean up any unfinished looking edges

Done! Eat, drink and be merry for hours before having to touch up your lipstick!

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