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Making Floor Selections Based on Proportion

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When making flooring selections keep in mind the proportion of the area you are selecting for. There is a certain scale in any space. Figure out what size your room is first. Is it large and vast? Or is it more intimate and cozy in scale?

Flooring patterns should be selected with care. Beware of selecting a large carpet pattern or large size tiles if the space is smaller. This can cause a room to feel overwhelming or lose the scale of the pattern. If you are unsure set a sample of the flooring in the room, step back and try to imagine it covering the floor. Leave it in the room for a day or two and see how you react to it.  In smaller areas it is important that the flooring isn’t too busy. Avoid intricate tile flooring and carpet patterns in a small space.

If you want to be creative with your tile design but don’t have a lot of room to work, consider selecting one size tile and create a design with just that size. You can place the tile on the diagonal. You can offset the tiles to create a more textured look.

Hardwood flooring can add warmth and comfort to a large area. When selecting hardwood consider using larger width planks for the larger scaled rooms and use smaller width planks for smaller spaces. Keep in mind you can also create a textured look by how you place your planks. You can place hardwood on the diagonal, offset the boards or create a chevron type of design. These are just a few ideas how to make your flooring more interesting.

A great way to visualize different flooring selections is by using our online Virtual Room Designer tool.  We even have a tool to upload your own photo in order to see how your room would look with various selections!  

Sweet Potato Quinoa Salad Leftovers Repurposed!

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A few weeks ago we mentioned our Sweet Potato & Quinoa Salad and how this fantastic meal is a great way to keep your family full and healthy. But it is a recipe that is also a gift that keeps on giving. There are several ways to retool this recipe with the leftovers so that you can make sure nothing goes to waste, and to cut down on dinner’s cook time for the day after!


One great way to do this is to take the quinoa salad and spoon however much you prefer on to a flour tortilla. You want to then fold one side over the salad, fold the bottom up and then fold the last side over. This will create a burrito for you. You can eat this chilled from the leftovers being in the refrigerator, but you can also warm it in the microwave for a minute and a half to warm it up. Remove the burrito from the microwave oven and let it cool some before digging in! This can be repeated for as many of your family members as you need.


Another variant on this is to use the tortilla to create your own quesadilla. You spoon your desired amount of the salad onto the tortilla and fold over in half. There are two ways to cook this. You could use a frying pan to lightly brown the tortilla on the outside and warm the contents on the inside. Another way to cook this is to use a Panini press to cook the quesadilla. This is a great option if you are short on time because you can set your tortilla down and let the press do its work while you handle other tasks in the kitchen such as set up for dinner or cleaning some of the dishes.


Finally, simplicity is sometimes best. Reheating the salad and serving it to your family is a great way to reuse the leftovers. You could also bring the leftovers into lunch at work the next day, a great alternative to going out to eat and a healthy alternative to vending machine snacks!


Any way you reuse your leftovers, you will have the added benefit of healthy ingredients and efficient use of your time. Not having to cook dinner the next night because your leftovers can be repurposed in a way that makes your family happy can be super useful during busy weeks.

Saint Patrick’s Day Playlist – 18 Great Songs From Ireland

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Few holidays rely so much on musical inspiration as Saint Patrick’s Day. The parties, the parades and the people are all of alive with the sounds of frivolity! Ireland is also the home of some of the most famous musicians in history.

Some are punk-rock party bands, some write serious songs about love and strife, and some were one-hit wonders who managed to author one track so impactful that it stood the test of time. You’re sure to find a song to fit any mood on our list of 18 of the best songs to come out of the land of endless green beauty! Get comfy, grab a cup of Irish coffee or handful of rainbow Twizzlers, and enjoy this sound journey to a magical and far away!

  1. The Irish Rover – The Pogues
  2. Rose Tattoo – Dropkick Murphy’s
  3. Dreams – The Cranberries
  4. If I Ever Leave This World Alive – Flogging Molly
  5. Jackie and Wilson – Hozier
  6. Brown Eyed Girl – Van Morrison
  7. Beautiful Day – U2
  8. The Emperor’s New Clothes – Sinead O’Connor
  9. I’m Shipping Up To Boston – Dropkick Murphy’s
  10. Will You Come and Marry Me – Irish Rovers
  11. Seven Drunken Nights – Dubliners
  12. Alternative Ulster – Stiff Little Fingers
  13. Get Down – Gilbert O’Sullivan
  14. Into The Mystic – Van Morrison
  15. Fallen Embers – Enya
  16. Hall of Fame – The Script
  17. The Unicorn – Irish Rovers
  18. The Boys Are Back In Town – Thin Lizzy

After you’ve had a chance to listen to them all, don’t forget to make a hit list for your St. Patty’s Day party. You’ll have to add to it because we didn’t want to leave out the more serious, ethereal songs on our list. But you’ll have a great start and bit of inspiration to guide you!

Fun Facts About Saint Patrick’s Day To Stimulate Learning In a Child’s Mind

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The best way to help kids learn is to exercise their brains in fun and entertaining ways. One of the hallmarks of youths is the ease with which they are “wowed”! Toss a few mind boggling facts in the direction of a child and watch their interest spike. You’re likely to hear the response, “No way!”  To which you can respond “Yes way! And you know what else…”

Use this list to finish that sentence and watch as you kiddo’s brain goes into overdrive with astonishment, questions and exclamations.

  • The four leaf clover is thought to represent hope, faith, love, and luck. There are about 10,000 three-leaf clovers for every 1 four-leaf clover!
  • Horseshoes should always be hung with the opening at the top – or all of the luck will pour out!
  • The city of Chicago dyes the entire Chicago River GREEN to celebrate the holiday
  • Leprechauns, according to Irish folklore, are cranky fairies who mend shoes for other fairies. They use trickery and mischief to protect their treasures. Myth has it that if you can catch one he is obligated to grant you three wishes!
  • Within the walls of a castle in Ireland is The Blarney Stone, and it is thought to grant magical powers to those who kiss it. As a result millions of people have kissed it!
  • New York has hosted its annual St. Patrick’s Day parade nearly 300 times and it is the longest running people parade in the world. It currently boasts 200,000 marchers and 1 million watchers!
  • The longest name of a place in Ireland is Muckanaghederdauhaulia. That’s 22 letters! Sure gives Mary Poppin’s famous song some serious competition!
  • Nineteen U.S. presidents stated Irish heritage, and of the 56 people who signed the Declaration of Independence, nine were of Irish origin!If you have a child who is old enough to partake in a bit of a game, add questions to the facts and ask his or her reply. Such as:

    “Do you think Mary Poppins could sing Muckanaghederdauhaulia in a song? Can you? Let’s hear it!”

    “What three wishes would you ask of the leprechaun?”

    “Are horseshoes really for horses?”

    You get the idea! Have fun! Their responses are usually priceless.

2015 Decorating Trends At a Glance

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2015 Decorating Trends At a Glance

We’ve are well into the third month of the year so now is the perfect time to explore ways to design and decorate your home according to the hot trends for 2015. Spring will soon make its debut When it comes to home improvement projects, it is the time of year when we are typically most inspired to revamp our digs. If you love to be surrounded by colors and design elements that are very “of the moment” you will love this blog post!

There’s so much to consider when incorporating a new design aesthetic. So, rather than ramble on in endless paragraphs we are giving you the key to unlock the basics through a bullet point list of quick reference guidelines that you can explore on your own. Simply read through the list, extract what intrigues you and run with it by doing an internet search for ideas that elaborate on the theme.


  • Pantone color of the year – Marsala 18-1438 “naturally robust and earthy wine red”
  • Light: soft, powdery pastels (that happen to look incredibly chic with Marsala) – think muted versions of pinks, lavenders, blues
  • Dark: navy, plum, burgundy, raspberry, midnight blue, teal
  • Nudes and flesh tones as neutrals
  • Pop color: burnt umber, buttery yellow, soft aqua
  • Kelly green plant life


  • Modern, futuristic
  • Minimalism
  • Experimentation, quirky, unexpected
  • Nature mixed with science

Shape & Form:

  • Geometric
  • Angular
  • Asymmetrical, lop-sided, tilted, off balance
  • Pattern in the form of 3D shapes

Raw materials:

  • Bamboo
  • Rattan
  • Wicker
  • Birch
  • Pine
  • Metal
  • Tinted glass
  • Crystal

Synthetic materials:

  • High gloss plastic and acrylic


  • Suspension, hanging
  • Stacking or interlocking


  • Dip dying, bleeding, blotting
  • Stark contrast of materials

Hanging on the walls:

  • Large prints of digital art

This list should be plenty to fire up the right side of your brain and get the ideas flowing. Try making your own bullet pointed list. Include the bullets from our list that you like most, and then elaborate on them with your own ideas and what you find during your internet search. Don’t forget to come back and share a comment about what you accomplished!

No-Sew Easy Fleece Pet Bed

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This project is so easy you’ll wonder how you didn’t think of it first. If you’re the queen of the sewing machines then this might not be for you. For those without the ability to master a needle and thread though, this will seem like pure genius. It’s also incredibly affordable – bonus!

This project is a breeze and it allows you to use fabric with a design you love. Start by using tape to mark the floor with the measurements you’ll need. Create a rectangle and mark the four corners. The dimensions should allow plenty of comfy space for your pet, as well six extra inches on all sides. Don’t forget that dogs and cats stretch out while they’re sleeping, just like we do, so account for the size of your pet when ‘zonked out!’

Next, purchase two pieces of fleece fabric that are identical in size. These will be the top and the bottom of the bed. Lay one on top of the other on your workspace (the floor might be easiest,) and cut 2×6 inch strips along every side. Strips are six inches long and two inches wide with approximately one inch between them.

Then, on three sides, tie the strips together using one from the bottom piece of fleece and one from the top piece. This is what replaces the need to sew seams. Fill with plenty of poly filling so that the bed is fluffy and comfortable. Last, tie the fourth side closed.

Not only is the project easy, it’s cheap enough to make cushions for all the rooms in the house where your critter spends time. With so many patterns available in fleece, you’re likely to find a design that looks perfect in your beautiful room. If you have kids, though, watch out! They’re sure to like the bed as much as your pet does. In that case, you might need to make two for every room. Or settle for a kiddo who still looks cute, despite being adorned with pet hair!

Color Pallet: Inspired By a Simple Table Setting

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Have you ever considered decorating a room based on inspiration from something other than a photo of a room? It’s a fantastic way to come up with unexpected ideas that will make the rooms in your home unique and innovative. For example, take a look at the photo below. It’s a simple table setting at a restaurant, so your first inclination might be to mimic the table setting at your next dinner party. We suggest using as a reference for color and accessory selection in any room in your house!

To teach you how to do so, we are going to break down the elements of the design that make it appealing. If you happen to be a novice, this approach will make learning this inspirational technique a breeze! Just read the bullet points for each style aspect of the décor and extract what works best for your personal vision.

The color pallet: Jet Black, Dark Brown, Camel Brown, Daisy Yellow, Light Forest Green, Grass Green, Punchy Pink Lemonade


What makes the colors work well together?

  • Pink and green are complimentary, and the natural green hues allow the yellow to pop without clashing.
  • The browns are well coordinated, also inspired by nature rather than synthetic colors.
  • The black is unexpected and thus interesting, while also being very sparsely used so as not to cause imbalance in the overall color plan.

What makes the design elegant?

  • Glass and crystal
  • It’s understated
  • Formal white linens

What makes the design approachable?

  • Simple wood furniture with clean lines
  • Plant life

What rooms in the house might best benefit from this design inspiration?

  • Dining room
  • Bathroom
  • Indoor porch
  • Kitchen