No-Sew Easy Fleece Pet Bed

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This project is so easy you’ll wonder how you didn’t think of it first. If you’re the queen of the sewing machines then this might not be for you. For those without the ability to master a needle and thread though, this will seem like pure genius. It’s also incredibly affordable – bonus!

This project is a breeze and it allows you to use fabric with a design you love. Start by using tape to mark the floor with the measurements you’ll need. Create a rectangle and mark the four corners. The dimensions should allow plenty of comfy space for your pet, as well six extra inches on all sides. Don’t forget that dogs and cats stretch out while they’re sleeping, just like we do, so account for the size of your pet when ‘zonked out!’

Next, purchase two pieces of fleece fabric that are identical in size. These will be the top and the bottom of the bed. Lay one on top of the other on your workspace (the floor might be easiest,) and cut 2×6 inch strips along every side. Strips are six inches long and two inches wide with approximately one inch between them.

Then, on three sides, tie the strips together using one from the bottom piece of fleece and one from the top piece. This is what replaces the need to sew seams. Fill with plenty of poly filling so that the bed is fluffy and comfortable. Last, tie the fourth side closed.

Not only is the project easy, it’s cheap enough to make cushions for all the rooms in the house where your critter spends time. With so many patterns available in fleece, you’re likely to find a design that looks perfect in your beautiful room. If you have kids, though, watch out! They’re sure to like the bed as much as your pet does. In that case, you might need to make two for every room. Or settle for a kiddo who still looks cute, despite being adorned with pet hair!

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