Unique Ideas To Make Your Bathroom Your Favorite Room In the House – Part 3

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Part 3 – Spa Environment

An important part of transforming your bathroom into your favorite room in the house is to ensure that if feels a little like a retreat. The easiest way to accomplish this is by taking inspiration from your favorite spa. A bathroom that feels like a spa visit is a bathroom you might never want to leave! For this post we are going to focus on bathrooms that have a stand-alone shower that is separate from the bathtub, because they are ideal for this plan. Think of your approach as “float versus function.” 

The shower is a great place for all of your skin, detox, hair, and body treatments. The extra steam helps open pores so your treatments are super effective. Stand up showers are perfect for spa-like activities because quick drainage of all or your lotions and potions will make cleanup a breeze. To fully enjoy this, create a kit with all of your body scrubs, mud masks, foot pumice, hair oil treatments, razors, shower gel, hair clips, etc. Use a container that doesn’t require you to cram everything in. If the products are nicely displayed you’re more likely to use them because it seems like less of a hassle. So, opt for a tall corner shelf or a well designed shower hanger caddy. Just outside the shower door stock plenty of towels, place your robe and slippers nearby, and lay down a mat or rug so you don’t slip.

As far as the bathtub is concerned keep the area simple. It’s a place of relaxation so resist the temptation to stack all of your bath stuff around the edges. The clutter won’t feel calming. Instead, just place candles, plants, bubble bath, a bath pillow, and towels near the tub. Store any other products you need in a small container in an organized fashion and store it in a cabinet. Then, when you need it you can pull it out and the area around the tub will remain uncluttered.

Last bit of advice for organizing your bathroom like a spa is to buy multiples if it will make things more convenient. If, for instance, you have a separate bath and shower don’t drive yourself crazy moving a product back and forth. Remember you want it to feel like an oasis, not a hassle. Buy two of things that get frequent use (loofahs, shower gel, etc,) so there’s one of each in the shower and near the bathtub.

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