Unique Ideas To Make Your Bathroom Your Favorite Room In the House – Part 4

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Part 4 – Comfort and Music


Once you’ve incorporated a few spa elements, the next step to making your bathroom your favorite room in the house is to make it really comfy. Comfort is key to any room in a house that you want to call your favorite, but it’s not always the first thing that comes to mind when designing a bathroom. We tend to overshadow comfort in favor of function.

To change that, think about texture and temperature! First, if you can afford a heat system in your bathroom, incorporate one. Stepping in or out of a bathroom that is perfectly warm is so lovely. If you can’t have a built in system, a space heater will work really well too. Just don’t put it close to water sources as a safety precaution. Second, invest in cushy, fluffy rugs. Happy feet make for a happy body and feet love soft textures. Third, if you have enough space consider including a comfortable chair. How many times have you traipsed back and forth between the bathroom and the bedroom so you can sit on the bed to put on lotion or get dressed? Or, how many times have your feet started hurting because it takes seemingly forever to curl your hair? With a chair in the bathroom you can comfortably do all of these tasks. You’ll be surprised by how often you use it! If you have a really big bathroom you can include other furniture as well. Don’t be afraid to use unusual pieces such as apothecary cabinet to make the room more interesting.


If you are a music fan, an excellent way to personalize your bathroom is to invest in good speakers. Sure, you can play a tinny version of your favorite song on your phone, but that’s not very compelling if you want to adore your master bathroom. Instead, opt for a high quality bluetooth enabled speaker system. Wires and cords are especially pesky in bathrooms so a bluetooth system is ideal, especially if you stream music from a music service. You can stream your tunes via your phone or laptop even if they’re in another room. Then, play whatever music you feel best suits your mood. Maybe motivating music while you get dressed for the gym, or dance music while you get ready to go out for a big night on the town. Even better, play soothing spa sounds, jazz, or classical music while you enjoy a bubble bath.

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